Monday, June 15, 2009

Admirable Characteristics

  • Honesty-not just telling the truth but acting upon it as well. Always speaking your mind, always being who you truly are. No putting on a face.
  • Artistry-sometimes I like to think that I'm artistic but I really like to appreciate the art in other people.
  • Passion-I love being around people that are passionate. It doesn't really matter what, as long as they are passionate about something. It gives me some hope that there's something out there in this life for me.
  • Humility-I guess I'm a doubter when it comes to humility. Sometimes I think people act humble just to receive the admiration of others when in truth they'd love to be showered with compliments and act like they don't deserve them. It's always a joy to see someone who is completely humble and hasn't let their accomplishments go to their head at all.
  • Spirituality-I suppose this is pretty self-explanatory. Spirituality improves upon almost everything in a person.