Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Brooke White

I've been a fan of this gal (yes I use gal) ever since she got her kick start on that one platform that has a love-hate relationship with the music industry. If you don't know what platform I'm talking about, don't worry about it.

Brooke is one of those artists that is behind a couple generations or so. She likes to cover songs by the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Carly Simon, Carole King and The Beatles. Her original material also takes many hints from the likes of such acts. Some people dismiss this as "not current" but I embrace it. There is sincerity, an innocence, and an organic feel to Brooke's music that makes it so very easy to listen to and also, very relatable. It's hard to skip her songs whilst I shuffle on my iPod.

Brooke is also a gracious and effervescently humble individual. I've had the pleasure of meeting her three times. She recognized me, by name, the second and third times. She conversed and interacted with me as if I were a casual acquaintance of hers. And it wasn't just me, she treats everyone that comes to support her this way. She's not the type to sign whatever you hand her, take a picture with you, and then shout "next!" She treats you the same way she'd treat someone her best friend just introduced her to. That is so worthy of praise, she's got mine.

My third draw to Brooke is probably the most critical for me. It's her faith. If this is going to offend anyone, sorry. It is MY blog after all. Brooke is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and it isn't very hard to tell. She doesn't throw her beliefs around or preach to anyone, she just quietly goes about living her life devoted to her faith. Whether it was that first time on  national television where she said she'd never seen an R-rated movie or the little hints she gives in her "twitter parties" there's no denying her religion. She's been courageous in pursuing her career in this field, even when the vast majority of it does not support her belief system. In fact, she's taken somewhat of a lead role in her career by starting her own record label instead of signing her soul away (to some degree) by signing a record contract. She's an inspiration to the rest of us that strive to be our best in this ever-changing and increasingly difficult world.

Here's a recent example:
*Warning: Chelsea asks a racy question. It is, however, quickly dismissed.*

I'll admit, I'm a Chelsea Lately fan. However, I was nervous when I heard that Brooke would be making an appearance on her show. Chelsea tends to rip her guests down and often times, she has them there to jab and poke fun at in order to entertain her audience. She definitely makes her attempts with Brooke, but Brooke is fearless and handles every question with ease and class.

I look forward to everything Brooke does and it's a pleasure to support her. She's true to herself both morally and artistically and for that, I have nothing but respect.

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  1. Jon, it is a pleasure to support her and her music! Good job! David is fortunate to have her as a close friend.