Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Go ahead. Think whatever you're going to think. Judge away. Judge me. However, before you decide to judge or make any sort of evaluation on the artist being presented, please do yourself the pleasure of watching this video that I have had on repeat for weeks:

Can we all at least just agree that she's insanely talented? This video comes from Beyoncé's newly released concert DVD "I Am...Yours" which I highly, highly recommend viewing. Anyway, this DVD is a concert of her's, filmed at the Wynn in Las Vegas. This concert was prepared by Ms. Knowles herself while she was on her 100+ stop worldwide tour. However, this concert was special. Each song was rearranged in one way or another and the setting was an intimate theater instead of a massive stadium. Also, she is noticeably hoarse throughout the concert because she worked herself sick in order to prepare this once in a lifetime experience, yet she still makes it just that, a truly once in a lifetime experience.

To be perfectly honest, I've been a fan of Beyoncé for over half of my life, more than any other artist. I remember first seeing her on a 1998 episode of Smart Guy. I was 7 years old. I wouldn't go as far as calling her my "favorite" but she's on the list. I cannot ever fully elaborate on what I see in Beyoncé as an artist. I almost feel as though I'm prepared to teach a college course on her. Not only on her life story, but how she is an excellent vocalist, and how every step in her career had it's artistic motivations. Oh, and has anyone ever seen her perform live? With all that energy, aren't you afraid that one of her appendages is just going to come flying off? I could show you video after video, demonstrating her ability both as a vocalist and an artist but I get it, some people just aren't going to believe me. I'll just say this: She sings live, she dances live, she has songwriting credits on nearly every one of her songs, she's classy, she pays tribute to the greats before her and she's not afraid to be vulnerable. She is the closest thing our generation has to an "icon" and she makes sure of that with every performance. Now go watch yourself some videos.

I have just ONE more to show you. Here's the video description the YouTube user provided:

 "This is some powerful stuff! At a concert in Sydney this weekend, Beyonce picked a very special girl from the audience to come on stage with her as she sang the touching power ballad Halo.
Little Chelsea is suffering from Leukemia and the lyrics to the song took on a much deeper poignance as Beyonce sang them.There was not a dry eye in the house!Watch the very very very touching moment that has left us sobbing and teary-eyed mess (above).
P.S. Music can heal. It can!"


When I see this, I see an act of Christ-like love and concern. It also encourages me to be more Christ-like. Sure, I don't necessarily enjoy that her legs are having social hour, but does that mean that I shouldn't appreciate the fact that Beyoncé just gave little Chelsea the highlight of her life? No. Yeah, some of her songs (although they do have their artisitic value 97% of the time, really) are a little raunchy and indicative...but in this moment, I can put those differences aside and bask in the love. I suggest you do the same.


  1. I've been waiting for this spotlight. This is why we are best friends.

  2. A few highlights from your blog.

    'With all that energy, aren't you afraid that one of her appendages is just going to come flying off?'

    I'm most concerned about her weave with all those fierce head whips, I'm astonished it hasnt landed in the audience yet. *gasp* Oh the horror! :O

    'Sure, I don't necessarily enjoy that her legs are having social hour...'

    So you looked eh? ;)

    I was so ensnared (O_O) by her singing that I barely even noticed *tries to keep a straight face* :p haha
    My worries was 'ain't she cold in that outfit?' Then I realised she's in Australia...'um, perfect attire!'

    I agree Beyonce is an icon of our times (singing, dancing and acting), all she needs to add to the list is write best selling book, an engagement in politics, a nobel peace prize, martyrdom (ok probably taking it a bit too far there!).

    Anyways great blog and keep writing.


    A friend over a very large pond ;)

  3. Interesting. I didn't realize you were such a big Beyonce fan. I enjoy some of her songs myself & think she's quite a good actress. I haven't seen her live, though, since the tickets are always expensive. Nice video of her singing with that little Chelsea!

  4. Nes! That was awesome! I really appreciate your thoughts. Maybe someday I'll make my way over that pond. That'd be awesome.

    Haha, Georgeann. It does come as a surprise to most. If someone can find an artistic niche and has the vocals to back it up, I'm aboard. My confession: I haven't seen her live either. I just spend hours watching her live performances online, haha. One day I will witness it firsthand!

  5. Maddie Kay Tarbox (via Facebook)March 7, 2010 at 10:45:00 AM MST

    Ha ha ha! Oh Jon, how I love you!

  6. Joni Stubbs (via Facebook)March 7, 2010 at 10:45:00 AM MST

    oh. my. goodness. beyonce kicks some trash yet again.