Friday, January 8, 2010

People Are Great

So lately, I've just felt overwhelmingly appreciative of the people I'm surrounded by. This extends far beyond my few close friends. There are plenty of people that I truly feel blessed to be associated with, even when it's a very small association.

For instance, I just got my hair cut. This has only been my second time cutting my hair in Provo. Yes, I should probably be more frequent to keep up with the honor code...go ahead, call me a rebel. Anyway, the same girl cut it as the time before. She rocks. I can tell it's not in her personality to converse with people she doesn't know and to be outgoing, but she makes a huge, sincere effort to do so. It was almost like our conversation from October was continued. She remembered what we talked about, how I cut my hair, talked in that very soft but brave voice,  and had that nervous giggle after everything she said. Bless her.

I almost feel like I can't go into detail about other people because I will write for hours. It hasn't been until this semester that I've really felt like I'm in the right place. I think I came with the wrong expectations. I didn't find friends where I thought I would and I didn't find the type of friends I thought I needed. However, I have found and associated with the type of people that keep me going. I'm surrounded by people that have a sincere desire to get to know me and work with me. I've met people that have the innate ability to tell me exactly what I need to hear when I need to hear it and to compliment me how and when I need it the most. I've also met people that just have a great aura about them. I'm drawn to them for really no reason in particular. Some people are just plain nice. I know I've encountered certain people for certain reasons and for that I'm extremely grateful.

This doesn't mean I don't have trouble dealing with other people; I certainly do. But it's the good that makes the bad worth it.

I feel like this is starting to become a recurring theme for my writing. I thought about it...should I be conservative or ashamed to be grateful for other people? Um, no. If you want me to write continuously about how amazing I am, I guess I don't have much to offer you. Until next time.

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  1. I'm so glad you finally know you're in the right place. Isn't it crazy how God just puts the right people in our lives at the right time? Glad you're doing well. The people around you are grateful for you and your influence, too. Don't forget that. Love you, Jon! :)