Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sometimes I'm ashamed to live in Provo.

Everyday, there is at least one party invitation or flyer on my front door. This one is insulting. It's really quite self-explanatory.

The Hot Spring Fling

What is there to do when it's so freakin' cold?
I know, take off all your clothes and come join the fold!

A night of socializing & dancing at the Heber Hot Spring,
It's not BYU regulated so if you'd like, just wear a string!

Whether you just want to have fun or are looking to tie the knot,
Everyone is welcome as long as you're smoking hot!

If you're still a lil uneasy, just imagine a giant tub,
Now add 200 people who are ready to rub!

If the water isn't to your liking we will provide a roaring fire,
Either while bathing or dancing - our wish is your desire!

With loud speakers and lights the party will be bouncing off the rocks,
Just a forewarning if you're from Belmont because nobody here docks!

No matter what is going on this night our people will be hotter,
You can choose to chill on land or take a dip in the water!

So go mark this night and be sure to come single,
But only come if you're fun, outgoing, and ready to mingle!

Yeah. So I bet you're just itching to go to this party, aren't you?



  2. No spring flinging? Smart boy! Here's just one more good reason not to..last time I went hot springing in the dead of winter, I ended up with the worse case of strep I have ever had! and I had it a lot when I was younger.. .. carry on..drink hot cocoa instead huh?

  3. EWWW Jon. You should invite someone from Standards to go.haha. That will teach them!!!