Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spacing Out

You know when you are thinking really hard about something and you "space out"? You just stare at nothing in particular and think. Maybe it's some deep-seated emotional issue of yours, something about your personal life, something complex and philosophical, or maybe even how you're going to handle an upcoming situation. Well, here's what I've been caught "spacing out" about lately:

  • "Why has that person been a senior in college for three years?"
  • "Do I have one or two green apples left in the fridge?"
  • "Am I going to finish that loaf of bread before it gets moldy?"
  • "What would happen if I were to smack that person really hard right now?"
  • "Why do mushrooms taste so friggin good?! And are they really vegetables? Seriously, they're like the perfect food. It's a vegetable that tastes like meat!"
  • "I'm often referred to as 'organized' but the socks I'm wearing right now aren't matching."
  • "Sammy's may have the best reputation among burger places in Provo, and deservedly so, but Stumpy's definitely gives them a run for their money."
  • "I haven't been to India Palace for a while. I need me some Chicken Tikka"
  • "Among one group of people I'm 'reserved' while according to another, I'm 'the one that doesn't shut up'."
  • "I just watched The Blind Side for the first time. Had I seen it in a theater before hearing anything about it, I probably would've sung praises to the heavens for it; but seeing it after all the hype, I'm kinda 'meh' about it. Oh well."
  • "Costa Vida or Wendy's?"
  • "Why am I able to think? Why am I not a device in the natural order? Why do I exist?"
  • "My friend from Logan came to see my show (cough!), while people in Provo are probably going to miss it. I know people have obligations, but is it wrong that I am instinctively a little upset?"
  • "I spend about 4/5 of all my time doing theater related work. Am I still sane? Am I wasting my time? Or have I found what I was looking for?"
  • "Those legs are way too long for that torso."
  • "I know I'm a minority and all, but does every Priesthood lesson really have to be on marriage?"
  • "Those two are just too attractive to be a couple. They can't both be that attractive, they need to cancel each other out in one way or another."
  • "Gurl, HE-YO to da no."
  • "If that couple touches each other one more time, I'm going to throw something at them and run."
  • "Is it wrong for me to be envious of a black woman's voice?"
  • "Now that we're Facebook friends, are they obligated to talk to me when I'm sitting by myself?"
  • "Ha."
  • "I miss Japan."
  • "Did I really go to high school? Did that really happen?"
  • "This is really going to hurt in the morning."
Was this fun? Why don't ya'll leave a comment and tell me what YOU are thinking about?


  1. Hahahahahahahaha
    Oh, Jon. This is exactly why I love you. First of all, I'm glad you think about me when you're spacing out, even if it is in a round about way. Second of all, I can totally relate to 91% of these. (Yes, I made that number up. But yes, I would have actually calculated it if I could see the post while writing this.) Although my personal favorite is the one about priesthood lessons and being a minority. I would tell you what I think about, but I'm afraid that this comment is already too long.
    Love and miss you!

  2. Oh my gosh! I think "I know I'm a minority and all, but does every Relief Society lesson really have to be on marriage?" almost every Sunday.
    Except I think that there might be a lot more tears in my meeting, which makes it probably about 10 times worse.

    And my random thoughts are normally along the lines of fantastic debates with myself over various things such as music, and politics, and whether ninjas are better than pirates.

    That is all.