Monday, April 26, 2010

She & Him

I just got Volume Two by She & Him.
It's speaking to me.
I mean, I could listen to M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel pluck away at Mary Had a Little Lamb and be satisfied, but this stuff is gaw-geous.

He doesn't know what kind of guy he is
He's got a gold-plated ceiling and a T.V. show A broken heart and he doesn't even know
He's glad to see you, yes he's glad to see you
Open your arms and sing The world's been waiting, they've been waiting for years And they've just gotta hear it
The kids are waiting, they've been shedding tears
So open your arms and sing for us

(Que cliche Sesame Street message) We're all individuals. We're all different for a reason. We all have something to share. You're doing us all a disservice if you don't speak up.
What do they do with the light in the morning when they wake up alone?

I could be your welcome, I could be your greeter

I could be sweet and I could be sweeter
I want to be where your heart is home
Doesnt get better than home, now does it?

Have you ever not really known which direction is home? I've learned that you have to find it. You have to create it. Have you ever wondered if someone else is as "home" to you as you are to them?
I like to learn things slow
I like learning a lot

I like to get it all again and in the end
You know you get what you got
I like to mean what I say
But it don't always come through
Because if I say it all again, again, again
It doesn't make it all true
And the world's like a science
And I'm like a secret
And I saw you lingering still

People are always telling me that they love how honest I am. And then I let it go to my head. And then I let it come back to bite me. And then I learn the same lessons over and over again. And by then, I'm amazed that people are still willing to linger near me. Thanks guys.

Did ya'll like my attempt at being artsy with the font? I kinda feel like a lesbian, I guess. Psh...

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  1. oh, zooey is just cute as a button. and so are you jlo.