Friday, May 28, 2010

I Like My Haircuts!

Go watch "Jessica's Daily Affirmation" on YouTube for reference on the title.

So yesterday I went to Hair Play in Kaysville to get my haircut. This was my first visit. The management was kind of unprofessional. I would've waited maybe half the time if one of the ladies wasn't talking to some friend on the phone.

Anyway, when I was finally getting my hair cut, I was asked if I wanted the back to be "round or square." I've heard this question many a time before, but I usually just do a coin toss in my head and choose one or the other. The girl cutting my hair was EXTREMELY giggly, which is ok, but not my favorite, as you could probably guess. She was sincere though so I tolerated her. So when she asked me "round or square" instead of just choosing one or the other, I sat there for a second and said "you know, I don't really look back there so I don't know what it looks like." She erupted in laughter. Not just giggling for the sake of giggling like she had been ever since we started, she was bent over in hysterics. I suppose it was kind of a funny, trivial moment, but I guess something about it must have really struck her. I found her laughing to be so amusing that I started laughing, really hard actually. I am the opposite of "giggly" but those that know me know that when I do laugh, I laugh really hard and I cannot stop. We then spent a good five minutes trying to get a hold of ourselves. Every time she'd go to use the scissors, I'd start laughing again.

So, that made for kind of an awkward visit. I'm pretty weird.


  1. Envisioning this made me laugh. I love you. AND... I like your haircuts.