Friday, June 25, 2010

A Lovely Formspring "Question"

"I just wanna say. Who do you think you are?! You expect us to just put up with you openly mocking and dissig the guy that we're all fans of and expect us to take it? Acting all high and mighty. You seem to have no respect for david and i have none for you"

Dear you,

You're awfully persistent, whoever you are. And I sincerely hope that you are just one person.

I've done a pretty good job at biting my tongue and ignoring the dozens of "questions" you've sent me and you almost succeeded in getting me to delete my formspring account. Almost.

Tonight, you REALLY chose the wrong time to get up in my face. So here goes:

Please, PLEASE give me evidence of when I have been caught "openly mocking and dissig" (whatever that means) the guy you're a fan of. Please.

I have more respect for said individual than I can shake a stick at and I'm even willing to say that I owe part of who I am to him. BUT, I owe fellow fans NOTHING. Go ahead, call me rude and unreasonable for not wanting to be financially irresponsible to have an experience I've already had several times, you're not breaking my heart. Did you ever consider the fact that I'm a straight male? A straight male who is the same age as this guy, as a matter of fact. Sorry I'm not a middle-aged woman who is willing to spend 98% of her time, effort, and money on someone less than half her age. I'm sorry, I just can't help you there.

And while I'm at it, aside from 3 or 4 songs, I don't even like his debut album. Never did. I don't even have a physical copy of either of his albums.

I like connecting to people. I love making friends. But I'm really not going to, for one second, waste time discussing another dude's hair, hands, sweat, fashion-sense, and so on in depth. Ain't happenin'. Yes, I will support when I can, but I'm certainly not going to let his highs and lows determine my own. I'm not going to let someone I don't even know affect my emotional well-being. That's disgusting. I really DON'T CARE about the insignificant and it's quite refreshing. You should give it a try.

As for the high and mighty remark, I'm lost. Have I been dangling insider information or something? I really don't have any. And since when am I expected to be an active fan? Sorry, but I can be whatever, wherever, and whenever I want to be. I'm not obligated to have an opinion on anything.

I hope you find a better way to waste your time. You've had enough of mine.

Much love,
Jon Low


  1. Go get 'em Jon! Don't let anyone walk all over you. You're such an impressive young man.

  2. haha never mess with the jlow

  3. This isn't really a question, but: Thank you for standing up for your opinion. It's a rare and honorable characterstic, and I respect you even more now than I did before. You're an awesome dude.

  4. Not really a question, but a comment to you: Amen Mr. Low for standing up for your ideals and opinions! I personally know how much respect and admiration you have for D. It's YOU who are a class act. Stay true my dear friend! <3

  5. Haha! J-Low, that response was AWESOME and so true. I've been feeling that way for a while, and I'm happy SOMEONE had the guts to tell someone something. Kudos, my friend. -Erik (This is not a question.) lol

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