Friday, July 16, 2010

Fast Forward

It's kind of crazy how fast my life is moving right now. Things that I have known would always come my way are here. I really have no idea what my future holds for me. That's a weird feeling.

I made a summer to do list. As of Wednesday, it's done.

I drove to Cedar City on Tuesday and saw some Shakespeare (food for my soul). I saw Peter Pan at the Utah Shakespearean Festival back in 1999 and have wanted to go back basically every year since then. This year I finally did. Much Ado About Nothing and Macbeth both highly recommended. I saw this brilliant woman named Kym Mellen-whom I had the pleasure of working with at BYU- do this:

And this:

Both of her performances were beyond description, so brilliant. I felt honored to know her and to have been directed by her. I think I forget how privileged I was this last year. People would kill for the kind of experience I got and the talent I was affected, taught, and uplifted by.

I then drove to the middle-of-nowhere Ivins, Utah to see a bunch of people swing around on a fly system and pretend to be gorillas in an outdoor amphitheatre called might've heard of it? The show was about as good as my description. Oh, and it didn't start until 8:30 PM, ended at 11:00 and when the show ended it was still over 100 degrees outside. My back was drenched in the middle of the night. Oh, AND the pregnant lady next to me peed her pants and I nearly gagged on the smell for the entire first act. AND, her daughter, who was sitting four seats away, kept walking up to her and complaining, in an outdoor voice, about how she couldn't see. And I think the married couple from Vegas sitting in front of me might've been hitting on me and everyone around them...collectively. And (you get the picture). It might be a while before I come back here again.

Being in Cedar City was kind of weird. It triggered some unexpected emotional responses inside of me. I shouldn't have been surprised though, I went there with these people. I think I've just convinced myself to forget which makes remembering all the more painful because I promised myself that I wouldn't forget...yet here I am, forgetting; if that makes any sense at all.

I feel like I've sort of arrived. Everything I knew would happen is happening. Now all I have are my memories, which I have very foolishly neglected. Why is it so hard for us to just be little kids? Why?!

Oh, and that brings me to this other kind of big thing...I'm going on a mission! I can't believe it's here, but at the same time, I am so ready to just get out of here. So ready to teach. So ready to serve. So ready to help. So ready to give everything I have. Where am I going you ask? Does it matter? Nah. But anyway, I'm going to Kobe, Japan! Heck. Yes. My parents lived in the boundaries of this mission when they were first married. My older brother was born there. My dad taught english there in several different junior high and high schools. Hiroshima, Kyoto, and Nara are all in the boundaries of this mission. My grandpa's family roots are in the boundaries of this mission. My family has a freakin feudal age castle in this mission. Cool stuff. I am so excited and humbled. I leave on September 22nd. Hoorah.

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  1. Jon, I love you. And I am SO excited for you to get out there and teach. You are going to be a great missionary. And... I think it's hilarious you got stuck sitting next to pee pants. Bahaha!