Saturday, August 14, 2010


I've wanted to blog about the film Departures (Okuribito, its original Japanese title) for a long time...

...but I cannot find the words to express my thoughts on it.

Listen to the little bugger at the top of this, let that do the talking for you.
Then go watch it.

If it's hard to track down, come over to my house and we'll watch it on Netflix.
I've seen it twice and am itching to see it again.

It's about life, death, happiness, loss, passion, family, forgiveness, and...well...everything.
It'll haunt you forever.



  1. I read this late last night. The music put me in tears so I went straight to my netflix account and saw that it was on demand. Finished at 2 am and it was so completely worth it. I've never been so moved by a film. Thank you.

  2. Your comment makes me quite happy, anonymous. I'm thrilled that you enjoyed it.