Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Quiz

Edit: Thanks for all the responses. I've loved reading them. If we're being fair, I need to voice some of my own responses. They're in bold. Keep commenting if you're reading this just now!

I think a lot. I've been thinking about some things, some serious, but mostly trivial. I have questions and I want to hear the answers from YOU. Don't even try to get away with reading this and not commenting. I KNOW YOU EXIST! I look at the traffic on my blog and I have nearly ten times as many views as I have comments. I'm not mad about it by any means. I'm actually quite happy that people that I'm unaware of are reading this. BUT if you are frightened to leave a comment, don't be. I don't care if you're my best friend or if I've never heard of you, I want your responses on these, just for fun. 

Some have no right or wrong answer, some do. Answer as many as you wish or feel compelled to answer.

  • Why do we have private blogs? Really though. The internet is public domain. Social networking sites offer loads of privacy settings in order for you to stay privately connected with your friends. What's the harm in having a public blog? Isn't that why you create one? I think letting a select few people read your big ol' self-indulgent blog posts is, well...self-indulgent. Create a blog, prepare to be stalked. Actually, there's no such thing as blog "stalking." That's my philosophy anyway. Agree?
    • Private is private. :)
  • We're always getting on pre-missionaries' cases about "filling the canteen" before their missions, but why are we so proud of girls that collect missionaries like Silly Bandz?
    • Rachel, I love that answer. Missionaries don't belong to anyone but the Lord. They are not "your missionary." Sorry, but I don't have much sympathy for girls that are torn up over "their missionary" leaving. That's covered in a later question.
  • It's politically incorrect to refer to someone of African decent as just "African." The correct term is "African American." Why is it that I am always, always, always simply refered to as just "Asian"? Apparently I'm not American, despite being born in the country.
    • I'm really not upset about this at all. I just think it's peculiar and wanted to hear your thoughts.  I agree, Shannon and Rachel being "politically correct" is silly.
  • Name three African nations off the top of your head.
    • Bravo.
  • Give me three distinct differences (cultural, culinary, language, etc.) between China and Japan. Can you do it?
    • Shannon, you rocked this one. Sometimes I want to give a copy of Ai's handout to everyone I know. The differences are there, and easy to notice. Ignorance is the only thing that can blind you.
  • So Miley Cyrus (just an example) is now the sleaze of the century. Is she entitled to the kind of art she is currently producting? Is it wrong? Are you upset about it? Why?
    • I really have no opinion one way or the other. It's not hard to look away.
  • How does same-sex marriage harm you? (NOT playing devil's advocate, just curious).
    • I'm starting to think the best policy on this issue is to keep my mouth shut. I do advise everyone to really examine themselves on this and every issue. It is very important to be politically aware. Don't use your religion as a cop-out and don't choose the trendy side of the issue. What do you think is best? Why?
  • I think feminism killed chivalry.
    • Good one Joni. Feminism comes in all varieties, which also mean chivalrous expectations vary as well. Which means there is a bit of trial and error that has to take place....dang.
  • Name three Canadian provinces.
    • You made me look really dumb, Aimee.
  • Where is Latvia?
    • Phew, ya'll are alright. Do you know what the other Baltic nations are?
  • How do you justify being someone's biggest fan? A groupie, per say. You know who you are.
    • I was being far too specific on this one, yet you still nailed it on the head, Shannon.
  • Do you like authority?
    • Too general. My bad.
  • Which culture is yogurt from?
    • It's (drumroll)....Turkish!!
  • What language do they speak in Ukraine?
    • Good job.
  • The United States has no official language. Do you get upset when people can't speak English at McDonalds?
    • I'm torn on this one.  Really, I don't know what to think.
  • Lady GaGa. What do you think?
    • Quit reading my thoughts Shannon. The woman IS talented (acoustic covers on the piano anyone?). And I enjoy that she can be emotionally provocative. However, there is a line that she crosses again and again and it makes me like her less and less. Showing up to a Mets game in your underwear, swearing, screaming, and flipping people off so much to the point that you are moved into Jerry Seignfeld's private suite (not yours) ain't artistic, it's trashy. Normal people would've been kicked out in an instant. Enjoy what you can, Wendy. I don't think that's hypocritical at all.
  • What language do they speak in Brazil?
    • Haha, I asked this one because I remember one of my friend's telling me they "speak a little Brazillian."
  • What's a veto?
    • Sheesh, this question makes me sound like a snotty third grader that got second place in the spellling bee.
  • In the LDS faith, we're (males) taught not to steady date until after we serve a full-time mission. What's the severity here? Is someone that drinks coffee just as condemned as the high school senior with a girlfriend? Why?
    • Going back to the previous question. THIS is why there shouldn't be any sorrow over departing missionaries. It's all in the words of the prophet. Choose your battles.
  • Why, why, why do we lose socks in the laundry?
    • ?

I guess that's enough for now. I may get too carried away.

Go. Answer, respond, do something.

Just watch. Nobody is going to comment on this post, now that I've asked.


  1. Miley Cyrus-don't get me started. I agree that everyone in entitled to produce whatever kind of art they want. However, I hate that Miley-or the people who created her- use young impressionable pre-teens as a way to get famous. Then, when they have these young kids hooked as fans, they change and become something that I personally feel in a horrible example to young people. It's wrong, and as a mom,I hate it.

    Lady Gaga- Love hate relationship. She's weird, and pretty much a train wreck to watch...but I can't look away. And her songs get stuck in my head and I find myself dancing to them. (but I don't let my kids listen to her. Is that hypocritical?)

    They speak portuguese in Brazil. :)

  2. 1) I think some people have private blogs because they complain about things that might get them into some trouble. I know someone that complained about their job on twitter and were reprimanded the next day at work for doing so. But, yes, I agree with you.
    2) Idk what this one is talking about. I'm assuming that there's some kind of a expectation for guys about to serve a mission to get girlfriends that wait for them for the 2 years. If this is the case, I'd like to say that relationships are for codependent people. :p
    3) I totally understand you. I'm always referred to as Mexican. lol
    4) Congo, Egypt, Libya
    5) Gosh, this going to be hard. I'm pretty sure they're wrong but...uh well I'm pretty sure they speak different languages, although I can't tell you the name of those languages...that's all I have.:(
    6) I don't consider Miley's work art. Although I really like, "I can't be tamed." lol I don't think it's wrong, and I'm not upset...mainly because parents should be able to monitor what their kids watch. I feel like we've grown to an age where parents practically don't want to "parent" at all. Idk if that offends anyone. lol
    7) Homosexual marriage doesn't harm me. I'm all for it. If things were kept the way they've always been, I'd still be in a cotton field in South Texas.
    8) I agree with you, but that kind of makes our jobs easier. lol jk
    9) Um, Ontario, Newfoundland, British Columbia
    10) Latvia is in Europe, I think.
    11)I think someone's biggest fan is someone that supports a person without intruding on their life.
    12) I, personally, don't take authority too well. However, I'm not someone that acts against it, because I know that it's their for a good reason.
    13)Yogurt is from Japan.
    14)I want to say Russian, but I think they have their own language, no?
    15) No, I don't get upset when people can't speak English and McDonalds. I might get frustrated because communicating with them would be hard, but I'm not mad because they can't speak it. If that's the case, I could be upset that I can't speak their language.
    16) I think Lady Gaga's music is fun to listen to when you don't want to think about anything. I'm a fan. haha
    17)They speak Portuguese in Brazil.
    18)A veto is when someone is overwritten.
    19) Um, I don't support dating at a young age at all. I don't drink coffee, although I used to. Um, I'm not very religious so I don't think my opinion is credible. But, I would say that neither one of them are condemned.
    20) I have no idea.


  3. Yogurt isn't Japanese. lol

  4. Canada doesn't have states, we have provinces. Booyah! Plus 1 for me :P

  5. Google said it was too big to post. Little did I know it kept posting it over and over again every time I tried. Haha. Anyways, here you go:
    1) I have a vent blog where I say things that I've noticed about people around me etc..and I don't want anyone to read it because it's too personal.
    2) I agree with your question about this. Weird.
    3)Huh. Never thought about that. Maybe that's the problem.
    4)Egypt, Kenya, Ghana
    5)I can't :( YOU'RE Japanese (american)! but that's about all I know.
    6)Miley, I think, may have alterior motives than just making her music art. And I think that's what makes art art, the motive of the artist. Another Disney star bites the dust.
    7)It will allow whoever to be married in the temple. The temple is kept sacred for marriage between man and women.
    8)I think feminism gave chivarly more realistic defining lines. Feminism is the belief that would are equal to men. NOT the SAME as men, but EQUAL. There's a difference between treating a woman like a child who can't handle anything and treating a woman with respect by opening a door.
    10)In Europe. I just met two guys from there.
    11)Because they're really that awesome! The Beatles made rock music what it is today. (Does that count if they're not still together??)
    12)If it's used right.
    13)The Milk Culture
    15)I don't generally go to McDonalds.
    16)She has alterior motives besides her music being art. I'll listen to her music and think it's alright but then I see her orgasmic performance. I find it super inappropriate and degrading. But hey, what isn't these days:?
    18)A bill that made it to the President but he wouldn't sign it. According to School House rock he took a big stamp to the bill with the words "veto" on it. Then it has to go back through the houses.
    19)I constantly think about this concept. It's funny how hypocritical we are as humans, isn't it? Me including.
    20)I know for a FACT that there is a black hole in my dryer. I know it.

  6. Concerning the missing socks.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xf3YY8y-u28

  7. Marriage equality doesn't infringe on anyone's rights. It's simply that, equality.

  8. I think some people just use blogs as a journal, ya know? They don’t want to physically write down what they think so they use a blog as their journal. Granted, I figure you can just keep a giant file on your computer for that, but hey. Some people might just like the idea I guess.
    • Well, I’m not. I think it’s just plain mean. Really?! I mean, I think it’s healthy to be realistic about dating around pre-missionaries. “waiting” is such a silly concept in my mind. If you’re seriously dating beforehand - whatever, that’s your choice, but you need to realize (girls) that you’re not going to live in a cave while your man is serving the lord. GO on dates. Have fun! How are you going to know if he’s really “the one” (don’t get me started on that silly idea either ha) if you don’t go out with other people who aren’t? And if you’re still single when he gets back, good for you.
    • True statement. Being PC is so silly.
    • Ghana, Niger, Egypt
    • :) I love that you asked this! They have different chopsticks, the Japanese ones are shorter. Traditional dress, the Japanese wear kimonos, the Chinese wear...something similar that isn’t called a kimono and has a high collar, AND the Japanese have a constitutional monarchy, the Chinese are communist :)

    • Agreed.
    • Alberta, Quebec, Prince Edward Island
    • Eastern Europe....pretty sure ha
    • I think it comes down to doing what makes you happy. I, for instance, could be considered a Jonas Brothers groupie. While yes, they’re money machines, and yes, they’re mostly focused on BUT I’m not crazy. I think there’s a fine line between groupie and crazy that has to be defined on an individual basis.
    • I think authority is healthy. It maintains order and takes the pressure off of people, like me, who don’t like to have to plan things out/be responsible to things. However, sometimes I like to be in authority. And too much authority makes me sick. What an interesting concept ;)
    • ....a bacterial one! (thanks, I’ll be here all week)
    • Russian! And Yiddish if you’re a Jew! At least, that’s how my ancestors were.
    • YES. Or when they don’t speak English at Bath and Body Works, and then complain to your managers that you were unhelpful because you don’t speak spanish. I also get upset whenever I think about the fact that we don’t have an official language. I mean, what are all of our official documents written in? REALLY US GOVERNMENT?! I’ll get really upset once I start seeing bilingual road signs. Hecks no.
    • She’s hot and cold with me. I love that she inspires people to be who they want, and to not be afraid of expressing themselves in whatever way they want. I think it’s brave and bold of her to put on this super rock-star hardly-human persona for everyone to see, and I really love that she’s so committed to it. Now, do I agree with the uber-sexual nature of her videos and some of the things she wears to certain occasions (Yankee’s game, anyone?) no. But do I love the emotionally evocative and thought provoking nature of some of her videos? Yes. So like I said, hot and cold.
    • Portuguese!
    • When you reject a law or anything for that matter.
    • I think I covered a lot of this earlier.Yup. I did. ha
    • There’s an alternate universe inseperabley connected through all of the dryers in the world. If you’re not careful, when looking in dryers for said missing socks, you’ll get sucked into a vortex that will take you there. You’ll land on a MASSIVE pile of mismatched socks, and have to barter with the the Sock Lord Jones to get your sock, and back home.

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  10. Same-sex marriage doesn't harm anyone and it's constitutional. Thank you California! Equality for all!

  11. Yogurt is from India.
    Latvia is in Eastern Europe.
    Portugese in Brazil.
    Russian in Ukraine.
    Japan=islands, clean, sushi.
    China=dirty, huge mainland, snakes.

  12. -South Africa, Madagascar, Mauritius
    -Latvia is by Estonia and Lithuania in Eastern Europe (promise I didn't look that up)
    -I do get upset when people can't speak English at McDonald's, which makes me a horrible person because I speak Spanish
    -I love some of Lady Gaga's songs, her outfits are wild, but she's weird. But hey, she made a statement and stood out in the world so I completely applaud her for that. She's very unique.

  13. Jon, you are cool and I appreciate you. And you're a great example lol.

  14. I'm not sure if you really wanted a response to ALL of them, but here goes:

    1- I hate when people's blogs are private because then I can't read them without them knowing, which is probably exactly why they made it private. Remember my Pikachu post? That was the closest I got to going private, just to make sure certain people didn't discover it.

    2- I hate it when girls refer to boys as "my missionary." Only God has missionaries. And girls like to make themselves look like martyrs. I don't really get it.

    3- A lot of black Americans aren't even of African decent. I honestly don't think anyone needs a hyphenated nationality (I.E. Japanese-American, Irish-American, etc.) because in reality, all of us come from somewhere else. That's what an American is. But yes, I do understand your Japanese pride. If I had a heritage, I would be proud of it to.

    4- Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Egypt... Oops. More than three.

    5- National language of Japan is Japanese. Japanese characters and Mandarin Chinese characters look nothing alike. Fashion is a HUGE industry in Japan. The clothing in Disney's Mulan is actually more Japanese than Chinese (I think...).

    6- Miley Cyrus is a sleaze, but so are a large percentage of other celebrities. Her behavior is inexcusable, but I sure don't have a problem just ignoring it. And I'm not going to lie, I do enjoy watching Hannah Montana on Disney Channel once-in-a-while.

    7- People are going to continue being homosexual whether we let them get married or not, but legalizing same-sex marriage gives Satan a huge leg up on our already deteriorating society.

    8- Some people take feminism to the extreme. I believe in empowering women, but I'm not going to try to be a man. I don't think chivalry is completely dead. I'm all for it.

    9- Quebec, Ontario, ...I know I know more. I feel like an idiot.

    10- Next to Russia, but up toward the top kind of by Poland.

    11- Jon, I'm YOUR biggest fan.

    12- As in being in a position of authority? I like it most of the time. Authority in general? We're all too human to function without it.

    13- Isn't it called a yogurt culture?

    14- Russian...?

    15- Nope. I just feel left out.

    16- Lady Gagme. I enjoy a few of her songs, but as a person she disgusts me.

    17- Portuguese (which is NOT the same as Spanish.)

    18- First thing I thought of was a device for recording TV to watch it later, but then I realized I was reading it backwards. I swear I'm not really dyslexic.

    19- I don't believe in steady dating in high school, but I guess as long as you keep yourself clean then it's a personal decision?

    20- Even socks need a vacation.

    Good questions/thoughts. You really had me second guessing myself a few times. Mostly I just really appreciate that there were 20 questions. I like multiples of 5. (If it hadn't been, I probably would have gone back and deleted the numbers I put before each response.)

  15. Alberta, British Columbia, Newfoundland... There we go. I knew I was having a brain fart. Sorry, just had to clear that up.

  16. Awh, Jon. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to, honest (RE: Q #9). Please forgive? *puppy dog eyes* I thought you might have put 'states' instead of 'provinces' to throw people off to see if they caught the difference, haha. PS: Thanks for calling me out yo :P

  17. Oh, heck no! That was a giant kudos to you, Aimee! You beat me at my own game. Here I am being all pretentious and snotty, and YOU called me out. Thank you. I need to feel dumb like that more often, hahaha. You're great. I could never be mad at you.

  18. GaGa forever. Paws up.

  19. Oh good. Phew! Totally thought you were all mad :P Um, you're welcome? LOL. Awwhh, psshhtt. You're such a sweetheart! Hugs n <3's to you m'dear!
    PS: Catch up on your Canadiana trivia, eh? We are neighbours ;) hahaha