Saturday, October 30, 2010


Drop off at the MTC, saying goodbye.

I love this picture. We're the half-jins of the branch (1/4 in Elder Soliai's case). Elder Shiozawa is on the right. These are two of my favorite people here.

My companion and roommates. Elders Ewer, Shumway, and Anstead.

Elder Araki and Elder Kobayashi from Machida.

Nice-uh gaii pose-uh!

Sister Sato saw the three of us taking pictures and ran over saying, "I am Japanese too!" Sister Escalante and Sister Williams jokingly jumped into the picture as well. Escalante and Williams left with the rest of the Sempai yesterday.

Our district, from left to right: Elder Ewer, Elder Shumway, Elder Peterson, Elder Clements, Elder Adams, Elder Anstead, Elder Low, Sister Aruinzaya, Sister Tamir, Sister Ferris, and Sister Holker

These are the Nihonjin and half-jin missionaries.

The sisters of our district. Right before we took the picture, Sister Tamir said, "Wait! Preach My Gospel: Important!!"

Elder Ewer showing Sister Tamir the meaning of "crap" in her dictionary.

The elders of our district looking right at the sun.

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