Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December 9, 2010 - Live from Kobe, Japan

Kobe から こんにちわ!

I am here! I made it safely and have already hit the ground running. I left LA just fine, I felt pretty darn sick after all three flights (I never been on three flights in a row) and I nearly lost my dinner landing in Osaka, but it all went well. We landed in Osaka and got to the Honbu at about 9:15 last night. The Assistants and the McIntyryres were wating for us. They`re awesome. And yes, I met the Elder who`s mom cut dad`s hair. We briefy met with President and Sister McIntyre at dinner (taco rice) and went to bed. I already absolutely love President and Sister McIntyre. They`ve taken great care of us and just want to make sure that we`re ok. It`s been fantastic up to this point.

I slept like a rock. It`s 3:15 now and by all means I suppose the jet-lag wave will come quite soon but as of right now I feel perfectly fine.

We had breakfast this morning then four hours of training and then went to a Kaiten-zushi for lunch. It was awesome. I`m so happy to be eating this food again.

After lunch they sent us right out to dendo from which I just returned. I went with one of the office Elders. There`s a picture attached. Man, I can`t beliveve that actually happened. We were talking to everyone we saw, something I`ve never even dreamed of doing. We managed to get rid of one Book of Mormon. The man rode the train into downtown Kobe with us and gave us his phone number. He also had a beer in his hand and no front teeth and was probably drunk. I can`t even describe how clueless I felt but....bring it on. I managed to bear my testimony several times and they always smiled as if really saying (that`s so pathetic, it`s cute). It was so fun though. Just being here and breathing the air is amazing. I still can`t believe it`s real.

I`ll meet my trainer tomorrow. Apparently they didn`t now that Sobrinho Choro wasn`t coming so there is going to be a san-nin in the mission.

So what happened that last week in the MTC? It was pretty amazing. I just felt really loved. (Side note: it is really hard to type on a Japanese computer so I`m going really slow. I`d forgotten.) We had our final Akashi-kai with our teachers and that was incredible. They are the thing from the MTC that I will sincerely miss. I can`t explain the kind of relationship we formed. I loved having them and they were honestly the best two Japanese teachers at the MTC, I`m sure of it. Sister Davis (converted in Akita at 17) told us that she met about 10 pairs of elders before she was baptized after meeting sisters. She never took lessons from elders, but she remembers them all. She said don`t ever think you`re not making a difference. That was so powerful. I felt like my purpose as a missionary finally started punching me in the face.

We also had a departure lesson from Mills Kyodai, currently the manager of all the international MTC`s and the former Fukuoka Mission President. He was incredible. He taught us about the power of expectations and all of the history of the church in Japan and how Heber J. Grant said that the most powerful prayer he ever offered was the dedicatory prayer to open Japan for the work. He reminded us that it is a lie of lucifer to us to expect that we cannot baptize here. We can and will baptize, it`s what we`re here to do. The Lord has already done the seed planting.

Take care! がんばります!

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