Monday, December 6, 2010

November 23, 2010

Hello again.

So right after I wrote my email last week, I went to get my haircut and met an Elder who is going to Ukraine and is from Kobe. He told me that members are the only way to see success in Japan. It was really cool because the night before that, Davis Shimai said "don't you DARE, ever, ever, EVER teach a lesson without a member present." I'm glad I have that advice, I think it's pretty inspired.

Tuesday night, the apostle streak finally broke. Still a good devotional though. On Tuesday night, Elder Peterson had a pumpkin pie sent to him (he gets something almost everyday) and some big polynesian elders came storming up to our residence hall. I happened to be visiting in his room when they knocked, they said (their bodies filling the entire door frame) "are you Elder Peterson? We heard you had pie." Then they said a prayer and blessed that it would be "scrumptious and not poisonous" that was awesome.

The Nihonjin are great. It's hard to get a word in with them though, they're always being mobbbed. Two of them are sitting right behind me now though, one is Asai Shimai from New York. She has lived most of her life in the states but she speaks perfect Japanese so she only has to spend three weeks here. I'm super jealous.

I've got a bit of cold right now, for the second time. Not happy about it. It should be fine within the next few days so I'm thankful that it's happening now and not in two weeks. Speaking of...yeah two weeks from yesterday. Oh boy is it time.

Sorry if there are grammatical errors all over these emails. I read some last week and I was shocked. That's always been one of my pet-peeves, but it's hard not to make them when you're so rushed.

Have fun on Thursday. It'll be a pretty laid back day since nobody comes into work. There's a gigantic service project and fireside planned, that's all we really know. We eat Thanksgiving "dinner" at noon and then pack a sack dinner. Who knows what it will be. We also have TRC tomorrow since it's normally on Thursdays. The gym is also closed until Friday. Some people might go insane on that one.

The Mongolian sisters are better than ever. Now that we can understand most of what Aruinzaya Shimai says, she's hilarious. She's actually got an extremely dry, quick, and sarcastic sense of humor. We're all excited to go to Kobe together.

Do you still do Japanese during Family Home Evening? You should. Sam and Clint are still young enough to learn this language. It's much easier when you can hear it often. I'm serious. They won't be as embarassed as I am when they come to the MTC and the Nihonjin are confused as to why their Japanese is so bad. Just a thought.

Best of luck this week!

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