Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 17, 2011

The transfer is officially over. We turned in our final numbers last night. The President was with the Assistants upstairs until 1 AM this morning. There is a Shimaitachi Taikai tomorrow, so they all know where they're going and will leave the taikai with a new companion. I'm pretty anxious to find out what happens. I won't know until tomorrow.

Tuesday was yet another face cookie birthday party, this time for Wajima Shimai. It's almost like they planned to put missionaries in Kobe for their birthdays so Sister McIntyre could make face cookies for them.

We've been trying to explore some new areas. We were walking around Kobe University's Shindai campus up on the mountain this week (which, I thought was illegal, and was later confirmed to us by the office elders so we won't be going there anymore). To give background to the story, there is a homeless (we thought) man in Sannomiya that we see every night. He's usually wearing some kind of strange hat, running around, yelling, rapping, dancing, and asking for money. When we were walking around the campus, we said hello to someone on the other side of the sidewalk. The college student ignored us, but the janitor right in front of us turned around and said "aaahhh, Konnichiwa! Koko de hataraiteriu" and ran off. It was the supposedly homeless man. I need to get a picture of this guy the next time I see him. I wish I could write about all of the people we meet on the streets.

Sister Sato, who is serving in Abeno, came and did an exchange in Kobe for one day. Sister Wajima told her that it is a zone goal to give someone a baptismal commitment everyday on the street. Apparently Sato Shimai heard that and threw out 10 in one hour. We met her and outreach and she was awesome. She's been a member for a little over a year and has the best convert testimony you could ask for. I found out last night that Sato Shimai is transfering to Kurayoshi to serve with Illch (Tamir) Shimai. I'm excited about that.

On Friday we went looking for volunteer service activities. We had been to about 3 different places and all of them kept referring us to different places. We finally went to the international student services center and it looked golden. We walked in and there was a bulletin board full of flyers with volunteer activities, including church services. When we walked into the reception room, before we said a word, the receptionist said "dame." We kind of just stood there clueless and she said that we weren't aloud to be there. We explained that we were looking for "volunteer katsudo" and she said she didn't have any for us because of what was written on our nametags. Missionaries had obviously been there before. She referred us to another place and asked us to leave. Before we left, we asked if anyone could put things on the bulletin board. She said no, especially not religious things. We then said there was a religious flyer on the board to which she said "doko, misete." We showed her, she quickly ripped it off and said "Kore wa apato desu. Shukyo dewa nai." We just walked out before we lost our tempers. I was shocked with how rude she was. People can be that rude when dealing with religion, even in Japan.

Saturday was the ward mochitsuki. That was awesome. Lots of ward members came and brought non-member friends. It was just fun to be there and see that cultural experience.

Grandma came last night. We took her on a small tour of the church and the office. She seemed really concerned about not being a jama. She kept asking if we had shigoto to do. Overall, it was great to see her. It was absolutely mind-blowing to hear her speak in Japanese and know exactly what she was saying. Seriously bizarre. It was almost like meeting her for the first-time. She had a completely different personality. We're meeting her in a couple hours to go to lunch as a district. It should be pretty fun. We're going to harborland.

I guess that's all. Maybe I'll send a couple pictures. Until next week...

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