Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28, 2011

I don't have a lot of time so I'll do my best.

So on Tuesday we helped with getting supplies sent to Sendai. The Ibaraki church is the Osaka North stake center and probably the biggest church in Osaka. All supplies that have been gathered in the Kansai region were sent to our church so the ward members needed our help loading them into the truck. It was a TON. Like, three american sized semi-trucks filled completely FULL.

Here's a picture of some of the supplies. It filled the gym, then the genkan, and then went into the trucks.

Also, on Tuesday morning we received a call. Matsukura 長老 answered it and the person said they wanted to talk to a 外人 宣教師. (American Missionary)(By the way, I can't read most of the Kanji I've been using in emails. I either use a dictionary to confrim them or just ask my companion. I'm not THAT good) Her name was Eriko. She just returned from a study abroad in Australia where she was baptized last September. She lives in the Ibaraki ward and wanted information.

She showed up to Eikaiwa (English Class) the next day with her mom. The AP's were there too. They had an exchange with Elder McConnell and Elder Mitsukawa on Wednesday and exchanged with us on Thursday. There are four (only two came) of them now too. They became a three-some this transfer and a four-some when the Tokyo missionaries came. The fourth is Guy 長老 from the Tokyo mission who's hometown is Cambridge, England. Yes, he has the coolest accent ever. The old お祖母ちゃん students where absolutely in love with him. Elder Nielson is the other one that came. It turns out that Eriko met Elder Nielson's parents in Australia. They spoke at a fireside in her ward, since they're currently serving in New Zealand. How crazy is that? She emailed them a picture of him. Anyway, she said that the two of them would be coming to church on Sunday.

Our exchange on Thursday was awesome. Those AP's are called by inspiration, no doubt about that. We collectively found 6 investigators that day. I got to 伝道 (work) with both of them and they are just awesome. I missed Nielson 長老 and it was good to work together again for a little bit.

On Saturday morning, Mitsukawa 長老 left for the 本部 (Mission Home). He is probably on his way to the U.S. right now as I type this. In case you forgot, he's going to the MTC and has been called to the California San Francisco/Oakland mission.

We took a picture of the four of us the night before Mitsukawa 長老 left.

On Sunday, Eriko and her mom showed up to church and we made an apointment to meet on Sunday, way awesome. We had a meal with the Ibaraki 伝道主任(ward mission leader) and two other members. It was fantastic. These Osaka-jin's....they are just hilarious. It's funny, we're told in the MTC and countless times by our mission president NOT to use Kansai-ben (local dialect) so when I hear it it automatically registers as swearing, but really it's just how people talk. It's no different from the southern dialect Jacob probably dealt with. It's just weird when even the bishop says "しらへんやな!" (no way to translate) We also did a special fast for Sendai on Sunday. All of Japan is doing it this week as well as next week (fast sunday). I'll be honest, fasting is NO fun as a missionary.

Speaking of which, did you look through the planner (I got it today) you sent me? I can't believe the memories that brought back. I had my daily schedule written in it and holy crap it was hectic. Some of the entries have two activities at the same time and it says "toss a coin" or "go here first and be late to the other one." All of that aside, I learned SO much that year. Being in Peter Pan and such shaped me so much as a human being. Lessons learned then are definitely helping me now. No questions asked.

Sister Sato is pretty awesome. In the one and a half transfers she's been in Kurayoshi (one of the most 田舎 (rural) areas in the mission....hard to find people) she's had four baptisms and it wouldn't surprise me at all if she had another one this transfer. I think she's a little embarassed about that video.

I love these new Tokyo missionaries, but I do hope they're able to return soon. That's a lot of people with no chance to hear the gospel.

Everything is going great. There's only one week left in this transfer! I imagine I'll stay here with Matsukura 長老 but you never know. Until next week!

The last one is us at the Kumano's house with Konno 兄弟 and Koike 姉妹.

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