Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11,2011


Yeah, I am writing from an internet cafe. We`re on our way to Kyoto today and will spend all day there. We don`t have a lot of time so I apologize if this is short. Next week will be loaded with pictures for sure.

The Sakura (cherry blossoms) are really starting to explode right now. I like this Ibaraki & Takatsuki area perfectly fine, it`s just....ugly. It`s not a beautiful big city like Kobe and it`s not a beautiful inaka (country) area either. It`s just kind of ugly and in-between. However, add tons of Sakura and there are some gorgeous places in this area. Way excited to go see them in Kyoto today.

So one thing to know, Ikeda Shimai is for sure getting baptized on Saturday!!! This is a really exciting time. We`ve finished up all the lessons and she`s set. I`ve loved seeing her go through this process. Any time we committed her to live any commitment, her answer was 喜んで!("Gladly"). To be honest, I don`t feel like we did anything. She was prepared 100% by the Lord, we had nothing to do with it...and I think that`s a good thing. We`re way excited. This will be the first baptism I see on my mission as well as Matsukura 長老`s first baptism. Way exciting.

Have you ever eaten at an Ohsho`s? Dang, it`s good. Huge portions and way cheap. I was going to send a picture but don`t have time. I know Randy would be jealous. Ramen and gyoza.

Funny story, so we were walking around a really quiet residential area this week when we heard four bikes behind us ringing their bells and saying こんいちわ ("Hello!") really loudly. It turned out to be a guy that is running for mayor of Osaka-fu. Pretty big deal. He`s really young and we see his picture everywhere. He basically looked just like Snow White`s prince, except on a bike followed by three other guys on bikes. He was wearing a sash and white gloves and everything. He rode past us, bowed and said しつれします ("Excuse me"). I felt really cool.

We also had interviews this week. It was good to see President and Sister McIntyre again. They are still just as cool as they always have been. It`s amazing how much and how well President McIntyre can understand exactly what`s going on even though I haven`t seen him once this transfer.

General Conference was great. It`s a very different experience watching it upstairs in a quiet room with just a couple members and other missionaries. They also show all of the sessions consecutively with only one hour breaks so it`s like a marathon. It`s fun, I think. The onigiri and taco rice in between eating really brings the members together.

Well, that`s all the time I have. Look forward to next week! It`ll be a good one!

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