Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2, 2011

I have basically no time today. It`s golden week so the volunteer place where we normally email for free is closed so we`re in a hotel that`s really expensive.

Anyway, it`s so great to hear that mom is doing well in Tokyo. I`m really jealous, I can`t wait to go back there. Have fun in DisneySea! I REALLY can`t wait to go back there someday.

It`s been a long week. We`ve done a lot of finding without really finding anyone. It`s hard work. I`m still getting used to 田舎 でんどう.  (work in the country)

A huge number of the Tokyo missionaries are headed back today. Tanabe, the area next to us (three hours away) is closing so we are now a good five hours from the closest missionaries. I`m happy for the Tokyo missionaries. They really did great things here and I think both the Kobe and Tokyo missionaries were able to learn from each other. Most importantly, there are now going to be people teaching the gospel again in the biggest city in the world.

Randy has been here? That bus ride from Osaka must have been prety darn long. I think I know of the resort. This place is basically just mountains and ocean. Heck, if you spent the night here, I am probably in the hotel you stayed in, there aren`t very many here.

There were only four people at church yesterday. The branch president only comes every other week and yesterday was his week off.

The branch did have a party for me this week. It was in one of the member`s giant house up on the mountain. Lots of good food, it was a good time.

Last Monday (and tonight as well) we had family home evening with a less-active family. I feel a HUGE responsibility to pull them back into church. They are young and have a five year old child. They could very well be the future of the branch. Everyone else is old and single.

I`ll send some pictures when I have time next week. I`ve seen some pretty cool stuff here. There are a couple shirnes, castle ruins (where hundreds and hundreds of hawks live and will basically come eat bread out of your hand), and tons of ocean.

I guess that`s all I have time for. Sorry this is so short. Take care and I`ll talk to you on the phone next Monday!

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