Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9, 2011 - Photo Essay

I figured I would just send pictures and narrate this week. I can`t really remember much of what has happened anyway.
The Shingu castle ruins. There are hundreds of hawks constantly flying overhead and you can basically get them to eat bread out of your hand, it`s way cool.


That is Mie prefecture. The other side of that river officially becomes the Nagoya Mission. There is actually a less-active family that occasionally attends the Shingu branch so we go over there to visit them. I have officially been in the boundaries of the Nagoya Mission.

Shingu really is just mountains and ocean.


Picture of me housing. There are some very interesting "houses" out here.


One of the two really famous shrines out here. I forgot it`s name. It`s Kumano-something-something...  Anyway, it`s pretty. (Note from Dad: It's Kumano Shingu Nagatoko shrine.)


This is a really pretty river right by an apartment complex where a couple investigators live. Pictures can`t do it justice. It looks like something from a fairy tale. The river is huge and deep and mountains are extremely tall and green from top to bottom.


Kamikura shrine. I need to hike up there before I leave.

This is Kujira (Whale meat)!

We cut up half of it and ate it raw and cooked the rest on the stove. The raw stuff is pretty good,

but holy turns into a juicier, better version of steak when you cook it. No wonder Japan puts up such a fight to keep whale fishing.

A door sticker I liked

Me eating a Kujira (Whale Meat) donburi in Taiji. (Where the movie "The Cove" was filmed.)

The whale museum in Taiji. 

Yes, these are show whales...they are not for eating. However, I find it really funny how Japanese people think dolphins and whales are just as cute as anyone else, but they`re totally fine with going next door to the giftshop cafeteria and eating them for lunch. I guess it`s just a different kangaekatta (way of thinking). いいんじゃないですか?("What's wrong with that?")

As you can see, the let you get pretty close to the dolphins.

This is it. "The Cove." This was during golden week so I suppose all of the fishers were on vacation. My companion and I were the only people there. It was almost spooky how quiet it was. Apparently, when they are fishing, this entire outlet is filled to the brim with dolphins and the ocean as far as you can see turns red.

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