Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 12, 2011

I`m running out of time already...

So on Tuesday, we went to help teach Eikaiwa (English Class) in Yamatokouriyama. Have I told you that everyone knows that I`m a descendant of Ii Naosuke in Nara? I told the Dendo Shunin (Mission Leader) that the night I got here and ever since then it`s been like everybody knows that before I even meet them. One lady there (not a member, just eternal eikaiwa student) knew before I even met her and put her hands in a triangle on her desk and bowed like I was royalty. It`s been astonishing to find out just how well-known and respected that name is. People go crazy and ask to take pictures with me. I never knew...

There`s a huge matsuri (festival) today here in Nara. They`ve had these latterns set up around the pond for a couple weeks but I couldn`t get any good pictures. It`s really pretty.

There is an investigator here who has been taught since about May. He has been taught everything and from the looks of it, was only interested in the social interaction. Anyway, I decided to try teaching him a couple times and he has really changed. He told us this week that he has a witness that the Book of Mormon is true. He said he wants to be baptized but had lots of concerns. We listened to them one by one and all of them were misunderstandings. Becuse missionaries said that they can`t play video games, he probably took that to mean that that is some sort of commandment and he can`t if he is baptized. He said that he has bad thoughts, but we assured him that we all do, but we can better fight them when we have the Gift of the Holy Ghost. He also said he was worried about the Word of Wisdom because he drinks tea everyday. When we asked what kind of tea, he said mugicha (herbal wheat tea, which is fine).

It`s been a  bit of a slow week as far as finding is concerned. We were walking around on Friday and got stopped by three people one after the other. The last one was wating until we finished talking to number 2. One of them is an investigator now, the other just wanted to lecture me on American history, the other was a really nice tourist from Hong Kong who has met with the missionaries there many times.

I still love cleaning the Izumikawa`s store and the bread they give us. Heck, I wouldn`t mind working there part-time after my mission.

There was a Shokujikai (Ward Dinner) after church. Three families are new to the ward so this was their welcome. Wards really do come together through activities like this. The food was incredible too. To be honest, I had heard a ton about Japanese Mormon food before my mission. I hadn`t really been THAT impressed until yesterday. Holy cow, that food was amazing.

We stopped a man while biking yesterday. He was realy smiley and friendly and knew who we were as soon as he saw us. He knew about KentDerricott and Kent Gilbert and somebody-Ito. He said that he is separated from his wife and children because he got in a fight with his mother-in-law. Anyway, after talking to him for about 2 minutes he said to me : 目が輝いている("My eyes have been opened"). He loved talking to us and asked for my phone number before I said anything about meeting with him again. That was awesome.

I`ve been hearing through the grapevine, bits and pieces of how the typhoon last week was actualy pretty bad. It`s surprising because it really was just a little rain in Nara. I heard that the southern part of Wakayama ken was the worst and I immediately thought of Shingu. I hope they`re alright down there. I`ve said it before and I`ll say it again, I was always, always, always worried that a natural disaster was going to happen when I was in Shingu. It`s just the worst possible pace to be if there is one.

Sounds like everyone is doing well at home. Ah, I hate not having enough time to write more email. Anyway, take care. Have a good week!

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