Monday, October 24, 2011

October 24, 2011

This week is really blurry, I`ll see what I can piece together of it.
We visited a family where the wife is a less-active who converted 20 years ago, the husband still isn`t a member. Apparently they have two daughters who are baptized and completely active and one of them married an American at BYU. This was the subject of conversation. The husband was outside trimming his trees when we went and we got to help him a little bit. It felt great to be of service like that. I feel like that`s something that missionaries are just supposed to do. Unplanned service like that hasn`t popped up in my mission as much as I would like it to.
We`ve spent a lot of time going from member`s house to member`s house. As I said last week, we`re focusing on teaching 3 lessons a day and we certainly don`t have 21 investigators to teach so we`re doing lots of member lessons and re-activation. The good thing about it is the communication between our work and the members has improved a ton. We`re able to discuss all kinds of things about less-actives and how to help them and in turn, I`ve made really good friendships with a lot of the members here.
On Thursday, Elder Ringwood, the first counselor in the Asia North Area Presidency came and spoke to the mission. It was a long conference with a morning and afternoon session. I loved it. He was very humble and dignified. The thing he said that stuck with me most is that if we give all we have everyday, we can say in our prayers "we know a miracle happened today and we don`t care if we ever see it." Lately that mentality has sort of left me. I`m thinking too hard and beating myself up too much about the work.
On Saturday we had the Halloween party. 20 people showed up. We invited lots of less-actives and we were able to identify some that look like they will come back to church with the help of some members. I think for the members to see and hear about people attending who hadn`t been in the church for 10 years was really good. We asked some members to follow up for us and invite them again. Hopefully other members will follow their peers examples and begin inviting their friends, whoever they may be, into the church. It`s something we just simply have to do.

Yesterday at church was the Seminary 発表 (program). Three students spoke. Man, they are awesome. They`re really examples to me. To be honest, I don`t think I could switch places with them. I struggled enough going to seminary during school. They wake up at 5:00 and have high school and college entrance exams that are 10 times harder than the ones I took. Apparently the year started with 5 students, but only three of them finished the year and they`re the three that spoke. They sang a musical number as well. I honestly can`t imagine a harder environment for a youth in the church than their`s. There probably is one, but they have it rough. They`re amazing. I got emotional hearing Sean-kun speak about how he didn`t go to seminary for his middle two years, but when he came back, he lived a church centered life and is more happy than he`s ever been. The stake president`s daughter spoke about how she feels like she has learned about the importance of spreading the gospel. She is the one who said that her EFY company all promised each other that they would meet at the MTC.
I haven`t been the the Grand Canyon either. People ask me if I have all the time here and then scold me because I live so close to it. It looks like you had a fun time. It`s weird seeing all of these pictures of just the four of you. You`re all getting so old. Well, we, I guess. That`s weird.
I`m going to walk my companion up to Todaiji and go pet some deer now. He hasn`t been yet and is really itching to see what it`s like up there.
I`m sorry this is short. Like always, if you ever have questions, just ask. Until next week...

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