Monday, October 31, 2011

October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!
From what you`ve been writing about Randy, it kind of sounds like he is that kid that I acted like I couldn`t stand, but secretly wanted to be my best friend in high school. The one who`s not only ridiculously talented and fun, but nice to everyone...even the people that like him a little bit too much. I finally got a letter from him. Maybe you should read this outloud to him and tell him thank you for me. I know how many of Jacob`s emails I read when I was in high school would be best if you read this outloud to him. He won`t know otherwise.
So like I said last week, I went to Nara-koen for the second time to show my companion around.

There were lots of school tours going on that day.
We met a member family on a tour from Salt Lake City right as we entered Todaiji. They were thrilled to see us. Apparently that happens fairly often here. Anderton 長老 (my last companion) said that a Mormon guy took him and his companion out to lunch before I got here.
I don`t know if you remember, but there is a hole in one of the pillars that is the exact same size as one of Buddha`s nostrils and if you can fit your body through it, it`s good luck. The last time I went, there was just a British tourist stuck in it, this time there was a queue of hundreds of school kids and a lady squating at the base of the pole, pushing them all through one by one. It was really...fascinating.

Your Questions and My Answers:
Q: How is Sister Zinke?
A: Unbelievably friendly. Sister McIntyre was like a mom in that she loved us, took care of our temporal needs and wasn`t afraid to scold us, but Sister Zinke is like Grandma.
Q: What kind of person is she? From what I read, she sounds pretty nice?
A: She`s lovely. She really, sincerely loves the missionaries and supports her husband.
Q: We checked, and it looks like you’re going to get a Snoopy mug if you keep using your Mr. Donuts card. Mom wants to know if you’ve tried the rice flour donuts or the snowman donut. I really miss Mr. Donuts. The smell . . .
A: I had one doughnut that was coated with 100% coacoa powder and it was possibly the most revolting thing I`ve ever put in my mouth. I think I`d rather lick the floor. The last time I went I had a shoyu (soy sauce) doughnut with shoyu and nori (seaweed) flakes on it and it was surprisingly good. Like, I really really enjoyed it and will probably get another one today. I have a coupon that expires today...
Q: How is your companion progressing?
A: He`s getting there. He`s a fighter. He`s quiet but I can see the drive and desire in him. He`ll be a great missionary.
Oh, mom. I do know what I want for my birthday. There`s a DVD called "Another Testament" and it is made up of photographs of people re-enacting Christ`s visit to the America`s in 3 Nephi. I used it in Kobe but I want to be able to use it again. It did miracles.
Have a great week! I`ll be just fine!!

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