Monday, November 21, 2011

November 21, 2011

Since last Saturday, we were at Irie 兄弟`s concert, we went to the 泉川`s on Monday to go clean up. They need all the help they can get. They feel really guilty about having us clean the place, especially on a preparation day, but I wish there was even more that we could do. I found out on Monday that they don`t leave the store until 1 in the morning so they get to bed at two and have to be back by seven. They`ve been doing this for 10 years. Plus, 泉川 兄弟 is the high priest group leader so he usually has to stay up until 3 or 4 preparing lessons on Saturday nights.
This week on Saturday, it rained from morning to evening so when we got to the 泉川`s they had tons of left over bread and we went home with more than we could carry, as usual. This picture is mashed potato-bacon bread. I had koroke bread for the first time as well but ate it before I even thought to take a picture of it.

On Tuesday I had a exchange with the zone leaders. Hale 長老 from Boise, Idaho came to Nara to work with me. We visited Mama -san. Her real name is something else. Have I told you about her? She`s been visited once a week by missionaries for the last 30 years. When I first got to the area with Anderton 長老, he said he wanted to not go over there because she isn`t interested in the message. I took his word for it and we left her alone. After 3 weeks, she called and told us to come over. That didn't go very well. I hadn`t been back there since then. She has come to church several times and asked us to come over and eat dinner, but I avoided it. For whatever reason, I just felt like we should go over that day. We don`t have anyone to teach right now so I figured we`d just give it a shot. She was the same as always. Speaks like she doesn`t like us at all, but acts full of love, won`t stop feeding us and wanting us to come back. She said she wants shukudai (homework) so we will probably go back and commit her to be baptized. She`s been going to church for longer than I`ve been alive. Who knows.

K兄弟 who we`ve been working with is headed to the temple on the third! That`s really exciting about him. I really wish I could be there. He`s doing baptisms for the dead this time anyway, so hopefully it will be ok.

We went back to the 新本`s this week. They were so excited to hear that you knew his sister. She`s still a very sweet lady and said that she will for sure have me over for dinner before I transfer. Let`s hope so. I`ll report if anything happens.

We found a couple more less-actives this week. It really is such a privilege to meet all of these very different people. One is a man from Utah who works for a radio station. We only met his mother in law, but she like some other people I`ve me - walked right out of a movie. She was tooth-less and almost seemed like she wanted me to get mad at her for smoking (she was baptized forever ago as well). We also met one that was baptized 25 years ago, stayed active for 5 years, and then left activity behind. It`s sad how few of the members that are listed on ward-lists are active. It`s been interesting to track these people down and hear their stories. It`s even more fascinating to see the looks on some of the 40 year old members` faces when they find out you went and visited their old primary teacher whom they haven`t seen at church since primary.

As you can see, Christmas lights are always up in time for my birthday no matter where I go.

A member brought her friend to church on Sunday. There are some really fiery members here. It didn`t go as smoothly as it could have, so she`s not an investigator, but I really am impressed with the effort. I still love this branch.

I don`t really know what else to report this week. There`s a zone conference this week in Ibaraki.

I think that`s all. Do you have any questions? Please don`t hesitate. It will help me know what to say in these emails. I feel like they`re so ばらばら (scattered) and I`m running out of things to say. Have a good week!

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