Monday, November 28, 2011

November 28, 2011

I have no time.

On Tuesday we helped N 姉妹`s husband put up his Christmas lights. He took us out to eat afterwards and said that he feels like the two of them need to start going to church once a month. It will help them grow stronger and perform better in their respective jobs. It was like we didn`t have to say anything, he said that himself. Service is powerful. I called to follow up and N 姉妹 said she would be coming this Sunday, but her husband had work. The branch was stunned to see her. It`s been nearly 3 years since she last came.

We had another dinner with Na兄弟 this week. He`s so much fun. I wish I could have dinner with him once a month for the rest of my life.

Thanksgiving was a day of miracles. First of all, N姉妹 told me she`ll be coming to church. Throughout my whole time in Nara I`ve had a thought in the back of my head to attend seminary. I put if off until Thursday. Monday (today) was Sean-kun`s birthday so I decided to call the seminary teacher and see if it was ok for us to come. She answered and said "Oh, you want to come because Y is coming, right?" I had no idea. Uekubo 兄弟, his best friend from the Yamatokoriyama ward had a sleepover at his house Sunday night with Y and Sean and then brought them to Nara seminary in the morning. Now that`s a young man fulfilling his Duty to God. We see him every now and then at Eikaiwa (English Class) in Yamaokoriyama. He`s my hero.
Here are the seminary students. I admire and look up to each one of them.

We also found an investigator in the freezing cold that night. We picked a random less-active name on the huge list we have that was close to our apartment but I forgot to write down the room number. We decided to just house the third and fourth floor and the first door we knocked on found us a Chinese college student wondering about God. I haven`t worked with any Chinese people since Kobe, but it was really exciting. It was freezing cold when I was in Kobe too. It was just perfect. Teaching Chinese people about religion in the cold. As ridiculous as that sounds, it really was a spiritual confirmation. It felt really good. Like everything is in one eternal round.

We had zone conference on Friday. It was great, as always, to see all of the other missionaries.
As you can see, zone conference was a miny MTC reunion. Sister Ilch and Elder Ewer were there. Sister Ilch transfered to Okamachi and it sounds like she had fun with Sister Myagmarjav last transfer in Tokushima. Elder Ewer is in Hanayashiki. That is the gym in the Ibaraki church, my old area.

We got to visit the Y family who recently moved into the branch from the Sagamihara ward in the Machida stake. They`re darling and my companion really appreciated their clean, standard Japanese.

Your Questions, My Answers:

Q: How’s your Japanese language? Have you had any Japanese dreams? Actually, are you still having English dreams?
A: I`ve never been able to remember any dreams I ever had. I honestly can`t answer that question because I don`t know. My guess would be English though.
Q: Have you learned to like Curry Rice yet?
A: I have actually. But I make it very differently. It needs Masala and any thing else spicy that you can get your hands on. The most important thing: it needs to be topped off with Kewpie Mayonaise. I`m dead serious, you can`t eat curry without it.
Q: How’s your companion doing? I’m sure he’s a great missionary, but is he a great friend?
A: He`s both. We get along really, really, really well. We can talk all night if we`re not careful.
Here is our Thanksgiving. Elder Nukaya`s family very kindly sent some supplies. Instant mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and canned chicken. I`ll never forget it.

I think that`s all. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. It sure looks like you did. I hope everyone was smiling and 元気 (happy). I`m happy about our family becoming a little bit more music-oriented too.
Have a good week!

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