Monday, November 7, 2011

November 7, 2011

Sorry, I guess once you`ve been in an area for a while, you forget to take picutres. This is all I took this week. This is the view from our apartment complex if you are to step out the front door. I thought it was cool how the sun was coming through the windows of that building. It looks like it`s on fire or something.

So, we got our transfer calls this morning. As expected, neither of us are moving. The training program is twelve weeks so they`d only consider moving us unless one of us was about to kill the other. I will begin my third transfer in Nara making it my longest area yet. I`ve moved around a lot on my mission. Much more than normal.

On Tuesday I had an exchange with Elder Waterbury who is the district leader`s companion in Nabari. He was trained by Elder Soares (district leader) and they`ve been together for three transfers. He`s a really young missionary, but was really surprisingly capable. He really didn`t have to lean on me at all. I was impressed. He`s about 6`4 or 6`5 and blonde so he`s not hard to notice. It`s very easy to stop someone and have a nice conversation with him standing next to you. I`ve missed that.  がんばるは!

We got a referral from the referral center that day so the two of us biked out to go see it. She visited Temple Square and the Conference Center while on a Nuskin conference and left her contact information. She was really shocked by how quickly we came. We were there around 4:00PM and she had returned the late the night before. Referrals are meant to be contacted quickly. She was a really nice lady, really open to everything. Not sure how far her interest goes right now, but she was willing to accept and read a copy of the Book of Mormon and we will probably return sometime and take some 元気 members with us. She seems to be a pretty sociable person.

Last week, we got a random call from a guy named Bobby Brown who said he wants to play at the Branch Christmas concert. Apparently he`s done it plenty of times before. He`s half British, half Japanese and was born and raised in Japan so obviously, he speaks Japanese. He doesn`t look Japanese, AT ALL though. He had hair nearly down to his waist and was really a free spirit. He`s own of those rare people you meet on your mission that have walked straight out of a movie. He`s a musician, but has more experience than most families have all put together. He`s on par with Warren from Ibaraki (remember him?). No interest in the Gospel really, but we`ll be seeing him in the near future I believe.

This month also started a new month so as with the new training system, we got a new mission training plan. was the exact same one as last month`s titled "Teaching More Effectively and More Often" part 2.

We visited a less-active couple named 新本 and they were so wonderful. They have a hard time coming to church and living the gospel, even though they believe it`s true. Just not enough motivation it looks like. They love missionaries though. The husband came out with his zipper down and zipped it up in front of us like it was no big deal. He shoved us into the genkan and started feeding us persimmons and sweet potatoes like crazy. He was telling me that his older sister owned a Japanese restaurant in Utah. Right when he said that, a light went off in my head. He didn`t know where in Utah the restaurant was or what it was called. The wife finally came out from the back room and I asked her what the restaurant`s name was (she had actually been there) and she couldn`t remember but she did remember that it was in Provo. I then said "my mom worked at Osaka restaurant in Provo about 20 years ago" and they both grabbed their arms and the husband said "さむくなってきた!" ("I've got chills!") They had goosebumps and were so thrilled that I had come. I wrote down the name of the sister that owned the restaurant but since it`s a new transfer I switched planners and forgot to bring it with me. I`ll write it next week. I`m sure you remember though. (Yes, we do.)

We are practicing teaching members as much as possible. We met with the 森下`s again and they were wonderful as usual. Two of the most hilarious people I`ve ever met. I need to remember to get a picture with them the next time we go. We then went over to their daughter`s (they are 泉川 姉妹`s parents) for our weekly service in the pan`ya. They gave us more bread than usual so we stuffed ourselves with carbs on fast sunday. I`m still recovering from it.

We (mostly my companion, for practice) taught two members on Sunday during Sunday School and we should be doing that every week from now on. I think it`s a great idea. Fujita 兄弟(伝道主任) (Mission Leader) came up with it. He is a text-book, Preach My Gospel mission leader. I`ll miss him when I eventually leave here.

Overall, it`s been a good week. It`s still not that cold. I`ve only worn a sweater once. We still open the window when we sleep at night. Sometimes I turn a space heater on during study, but it still isn`t winter quite yet. I`m recalling all my memories of last year and getting my scarf and gloves ready. I came to Japan on December 6. I`m going to hit yet another anniversary in a month. The time just flies.

Well, I`ve got to go, we`re going to Nara koen as a district. It`ll be my third time, but I don`t mind. I love the place.
Have a good week!

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