Monday, January 30, 2012

January 30, 2012

There is a ton to write about this week. I don`t think I`m going to get to it all.
We got close to the Seto Ohashi Bridge this week.

Marugame Tower
First of all, transfer calls came this morning. We`re both staying put. I`ll be here until at least March.
I guess the next thing you`re going to want to know is that I got hit by a car this week. I`m perfectly fine, put the phone down and stop worrying. It`s funny, Sister Davis, my MTC teacher promised us that we would all be hit by cars while in Japan, and it sounds like everyone in that district that came to Kobe has now been hit by a car. It doesn`t help that little Kagawa-ken has more accidents than anywhere else in Japan.
We were riding back to the church in the dark and I got hit by a car pulling into a parking lot for a shoe store. She hit my back tire and my leg. I felt the car make contact with my leg and immediately went about six feet into the air. My companion said he thought I was dead. I layed there for a second thinking I probably broke my leg or my back or something, but then realized I was perfectly fine and stood up. I felt nothing. The lady`s car`s bumper fell off. It got ripped off by my pedal. She was a young mother with a baby in the car and absolutely horrified. She felt terrible about it. The police came and filled out a report. I was perfectly fine, so was my bike. I got back on my bike and rode to the church. Her insurance representatives have been calling me every day to make sure I`m ok. My tailbone was a little sore the next morning so I put a kaero on it and the next day it was normal. The only damage to my bike was the basket on the back. I went to get a new one and the insurance company said they`ll pay for it. I told Y-san about the accident (we call her every night) and when I said it was in front of a shoe store, she was really worried. Apparently somebody got ran over and killed there last month. I was pretty lucky. (Editor's note: "Luck" had nothing to do with it.)
So as you can see, it snowed this week. Pretty rare for Shikoku apparently.

池内兄弟 took us out to eat again on last Monday. I don`t know if I told you, but the week before he took us out to eat really expensive sushi and it made Elder Maris a sushi convert. He`s been begging me to go eat sushi ever since. That was one of the petty goals I`ve made on my mission: convert people to sushi.
We taught our golden couple once again in their apartment this week and after church yesterday and they`re finished. He`ll be interviewed on Tuesday and baptized on the 5th! This is such an exciting baptism. It`s always beautiful to see someone come to Christ, but this one just seems to have so much more significance. They already have the big picture in mind. This is just the first step towards eternal marriage for them. He said during one of our lessons that he worries that he`s getting ahead of himself. He`s already looking up ancestors that he wants to be baptized for. There is no denying that the Lord has been guiding and preparing this couple for soooo long. We had nothing to do with it.
We picked up an investigator named S who was found about a year ago. He`s been Protestant for a while, but kind of just says that he likes to study various sects of Christianity and decide for himself what`s true. We went to see him again and he was very kind and let us in and we had a couple lessons with him, but after the second lesson I had no intention of seeing him again because he had no intention to commit to anything. He called during the week and said he had a really intense prayer experience and knows the Book of Mormon is true and that he`s decided to keep the Word of Wisdom.
We attended the monthy Sakaide English Enjoyment (SEE) club that Nakamura 兄弟 runs at the city hall again and it was a blast. We went out to eat with the T family afterwards and they`re still just as fun as ever. They`re planning on attending the Seoul temple, since they`ve been to both of the temples in Japan. They are the strongest recent converts I`ve met yet. T 姉妹 also loves American TV and gospel music. She didn`t know Gladys Knight was a member and we just talked to her about that for nearly 30 minutes. Elder Maris` dad sees her in the Las Vegas temple. She was just saying まああじで?!?! (Really?!) over and over again. It would be fun to get her that church CD that she did.
Some of the English students asked if there is anything difficult about being Asian where I`m from. I ended up talking about Randy`s little incident and you should`ve seen how furious one of the students got. She asked for the school`s name and wrote it down. Who knows, maybe she looked it up and gave them a call.
Our zone (smallest in the mission, it`s also just one district) had to try three times to get a group picture.

I got your pictures on Thursday  I showed them to Tanimoto Shimai on Sunday and she loved them and said to say thank you for calling her. She was very grateful.
I also showed the pictures you sent to Akiyama 姉妹 and 山西姉妹 (who lived in the branch when Elder Low's parents lived there 23 years ago) and they were hypnotized.

We visited the Yamaji`s who live in Tadotsu since we were close. They are very active and the sweetest people I think I`ve ever met. Sister Yamaji is deaf in one ear, about four foot 11 and shuffles around everywhere she goes and is REALLY worried about everyone. I think her hobby is visiting less-active members. She begged us to stay for dinner, so we did. Yamaji Kyoudai had a video of a play that the Takamatsu and Marugame seminary did about 13 years ago. Church plays are obviously never spectacular, but I do feel like you can always see the faith of the members who are participating in them. When we left, Yamaji Shimai came out with a flash light and shined it on us from her third floor apartment all the way back to our bikes.
I guess I`ll go on to your questions:
Question: Do you eat pancakes for breakfast?
Answer: Hardly ever. There`s not time enough to make them in the morning. My companion has once or twice though. I think he made them for me once.
Question: If not, what do you eat?
Answer:We have tons of fruit in the apartment so I`ve just been eating that with plain yogurt every morning. The thing about missionary apartments is they`re always just stuffed with food that missionaries don`t eat. There`s an endless supply of Miso and Onion soup in this one so I drink that almost every morning too. 
Question: Have you become a better cook?
Answer: I`m pretty dang good. But who said I was bad before? Anyway, yeah, I think after about five transfers in the field, I just naturally took over and now I cook for all of my companions. I worry too much that they`ll do it wrong and they always eat what I make, so that`s how it goes.
Question: Do you ever ride the bus or train?
Answer: We ride a train to Takamatsu and a bus to Tokushima every week to get to district meeting.
Question: What about cabs? Isn’t that cheaper than renting bikes?
Answer: I doubt it.
Question: Have you tried the Vegas burger at McDonalds yet? I think that’s the next American burger. I’m in love with the Grand Canyon. I think I’ll try to make one. Bishop Freeman said he wants to try one.
Answer: I did. You must have looked it up on the internet. It`s good, but doesn`t come close to the Grand Canyon. The cheddar cheese and egg on top and then the white (I`m not sure what it was...goulda, maybe?) cheese and some kind of teriyaki barbecue sauce on the bottom was just a perfect match. Seriously, I think I cried when I first tried it.
$1900 for a plane ticket to Japan is pretty ridiculous. There`s still time. I hope something works out. Maybe it`d be better for me to come home and then go straight back since I won`t have school until January? Just keep it on your mind every now and then.
Ah, One Acts were a blast. That was a really busy time for me. I still remember how on edge I was, but those were still two of my favorite shows I`ve ever done. What were they called? What were they about? I know I should ask Randy, but I feel like hearing from him is hopeless. Can you relay the message that yes I am curious and do want to hear about his high school crap? I`m glad Andra got my card. She`ll always have a pretty soft spot in my heart too. I sent one to Kelly Oram and LeeAnn Hyer as well.
元気だよ (Hello) to President Harbertson.
日本語をしっかりと勉強しろぜ!!(Study Japanese!) to the rest of you.
This is the smallest restaurant I think I`ve seen yet.

I tried to take a picture in front of a sunset while my companion worked on his bike for a second. It didn`t turn out well.
I guess that`s all. Have a good week!

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