Monday, January 9, 2012

January 9, 2012

So we went to check out the old apartment you lived in on Tuesday morning. Nobody was living there, but it was a really fushigi kanji (strange feeling).

Elder Low standing in front of the apartment building his parents lived in from 1988-1989. The actual apartment is the one with the balcony on the second floor behind him.

Elder Low knocking on the door of the apartment his parents lived in from 1988-1989. "Am I freaking you out yet?!"

We parked out bikes at the Maruyoshi next door and as we went back to them, N Kyoudai from the branch came walking out, no groceries, he was just kind of wandering.
Maruyoshi Center grocery store, next door to the apartment where Elder Low's parents used to live. Because their refrigerator was so tiny, his parents visited this store every day.

He asked what we were up to. I figured that was the perfect time to ask him if he knew T Sensei (Elder Low's father's old boss from the Sakaide School District). He knew. Apparently he was a pioneer and is a huge part of why Kagawa-ken is swarming with gaijin (American) English teachers. He took us back to his house, looked up his address and we went to see him. He`s 85 years old and just got over a cancer surgery but looked great. He didn`t recognize the name at first, but when I showed him a picture and talked about how you told him about your values, he said he had "vivid memories."

We went to see Akiyama Shimai the next day. She loves showing people pictures. She showed us pictures of the Tachibana`s wedding and that`s when I realized that she was her daughter. Akiyama Shimai is really old, but she`s darling. She said she`s more happy alone with her dog, cat, and fruit to pick than she ever has been.

From there we went to visit 16 year old Y-san, who`s mother is a member and apparently wants to join the church. We got to the home and only his grandpa was there. He said the Y`s are visiting their father who is working for J-tai in Kyushu. I felt like I needed to ask for the Grandpa`s name and he said "Tachibana." I pulled out the picture I have of you with the Sakaide branch and he immediately pointed to Tachibana Shimai saying that she was his wife. She passed away 10 years ago from cancer. He got a little emotional seeing a picture of her so young. He said he remembers having gaijin from the church over and was pretty sure he recognized the both of you. I think we`ll be seeing him again. He was ridiculously friendly.

We had district meeting for the first time this transfer due to all of the irregularities. It`s in Tokushima and it`s a two hour bus ride for us. I haven`t had to travel that far for district meeting since Shingu. It was great being with missionaries that were in my MTC district again. They`re so wise, spiritual, and fluent in Japanese now. It`s crazy. I can`t believe they go home in two months.

I suppose that`s all. I`m so short on time.

It sounds like you had a good week. I hope mom can finish school as well. I really hope the kids you student teach don`t give you a hard time.

Last of all, I don`t know if you remember this time last year, but McDonald`s here was doing a "Big American Burger" campaign. The Idaho burger being the stand-out (I`m making myself sick as I type this). Well, they`re doing it again this year and the "Grand Canyon Burger" is the first of the four. It was really expensive. 400 yen for just the sandwich, 700 ($9.10) for a set (combo). But, oh my gosh. That was the best thing I`ve ever had in any McDonald`s anywhere, hands down. We`ve been twice. My companion and I keep making refrences to it all day. It doesn`t help that McDonald`s is next to the church and we can hear people ordering the Grand Canyon burger through the windows on fast Sunday.

Have a great week!
Ohh....I`m going to discuss how I`m going to end my mission (family, etc.) in my President`s interview in two weeks. Are you coming? Think about it. Talk to Grandma and Grandpa. I`m not leaving this country without talking to my cousins in Japanese face to face.
mata raishu (next week....)

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