Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12, 2012

Transfer calls came this morning. This area is being white-washed and I`m being whitewashed into Ako. The Elder in Ako is training his new missionary here. I`m not happy about it. I know I`m being really immature about it right now, but I still haven`t been able to calm down yet. I JUST hit my stride here, we have investigators coming from right and left and I just got here.  I really don`t want to leave. I don`t think I even have the guts to say goodbye to anyone here. It will be too sad. I wasn`t even able to start packing this morning. Maybe I`m in denial. I don`t know why I`m so upset about it. I know the right thing to say is that I`ll learn something and it`ll be for my good, but I`m not to that point yet.
We had dinner with the Weatherston`s last Monday. Brother Weatherston is from Utah, served here on his mission and his wife is from Hiroshima. They have a cute 5 year old daughter, Rachel, who can understand English, but will only speak Japanese.
There`s a newer member here who didn`t come to church on Sunday, but we met with her on Monday night and she said she popped the Bible open to Ecclesiaties 3 and cried because it touched her so much.
I can`t believe it`s been a year since the earthquake. I feel like I haven`t felt an earthquake since about summer, actually. It`s been a while.
Here are some pictures of a 72 hour kit activity at the church on Saturday. You might be able to pick out a couple faces. (Click photo to zoom in.) Everyone took this really seriously. I was surprised. It`s been a year since the disaster and everyone is very on top of their preparedness.

I went on an exchange with 南川長老 in Takamatsu and it was great. He`s a great missionary. We rode past one of the Marugame member`s English pre-school (they live in Marugame, have the school in Takamatsu) and they spotted us and pulled us in. The Ellis`s (live in the school, but attend church in Marugame because of the English translation, etc.) pulled us in and had us eat dinner. We came in just as the school was closing and the kids were being picked up by their moms. The school has a No Japanese rule. It was really bizarre hearing English pop out of the toddler`s mouths with perfect pronunciation. The Ellis`s go back to the U.S. next month. Brother Ellis is the second counselor in the branch presidency.
We had our last district meeting in Tokushima. Really bizarre feeling, three members of the district are going home. Elder Knight, Elder Kobe, and Sister Myagmarjav.
Yesterday was branch conference. This was my first time attending a branch conference in a district. So yes, the mission president was there. It was a great day. Really spiritual and huge attendance. The meetings went super long though. We ate udon afterwards and it was great.
Heather, an English teacher who goes home this week brought two friends to church last week, a mother and a daughter. They were very nice but left saying they loved it, but weren`t interested. The mother came back this week. She said she just felt so good last week that she had to come back. We have a meeting with her on Tuesday.
I hope everything is well at home. Sorry if this is くらい (dark). I still need to grow up and get over it. Until next week...
I`m realizing right now that all I took pictures of this week was food. The final "Big American" burger. It`s called the Beverly Hills burger and it might be the best of the four. It is difficult when McDonald`s is next door to the church.

I like the saying on this wrapper. (Click on photo to enlarge.)

A member gave us these white chocolate covered osembe. I didn`t realize where they were from until the moment before I opened them. They were a very strange mix of spicy and sweet.

I`m glad the student teaching has been a good experience. I hope it all turns out well.

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