Monday, April 23, 2012

April 23, 2012

Transfer calls were this morning. I`m here with Elder Singleton for another 6 weeks.
We went to Himeji last week. It`s still a castle in a box but the Sakura were really pretty. They`re all completely gone now.

We taught K-san at the beginning of the week and he said before the lesson that he wanted to go to Okayama, hear the rest of the lessons from the missionaries there and be baptized there. He actually lives closer to Okayama than Ako. He didn`t want to have to go all the way to Himeji (the nearest font for our branch, and a member told him it was a bad idea to get baptized in the ocean) to get baptized. He's met with the missionaries twice over there.
We`ve spent some time in parks trying to get noticed now that the weather has gotten really nice. So far, it hasn`t worked yet. We found badminton rackets in our apartment and decided to go use them as a new method of finding. The sun was shining, so we ran out to the park, hit the birdie about twice and the birdie started going straight through one of the rackets because the strings were loose...then it started raining. It was like a bad movie.
We had a new investigator lined up to come to church, but he didn`t show up.
More pictures from Himeji:
They (the blossoms) were already dying and falling off the trees the day we went, but I love the pink snow effect.

So I got a letter from home. So apparently dad says that Japanese suits are "flanpy"? Um? I guess you mean frumpy...but if that`s what you`re saying, I think you`ve got it backwards. Japanese suits are much more sleek and slim fit. Not quite as fit for missionary work, but they look better. Japanese missionaries always smack American missionaries baggy pants and say ださい!
I also love these Disney resort adds. They just punch me in the heart.

Did I ever send the picture of the Takoyaki guys stand with these stickers on it? I`m wondering if maybe he puts them out trying to be nice to us... (click to enlarge)
Congratulations again on the graduation. It looks like a lot of fun. I was thinking "heck, you got the diploma, just take it easy and sub from now on" but I guess you need a job, huh? How long do you need it? Is there a deadline in how quickly you have to find it? I hope you can find one quickly.
I guess that`ll be all. Have a good week!

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