Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30, 2012

All of the days have blended together this week. We`ve been knocking on lots of doors and the air is has turned into a greenhouse. I was in love with the apartment here when I first got here, but now we`ve realized that it only has one air conditioner in the tiny little tatami room.
It`s flat-out hot now, and this is the golden week holiday...and this giant park is still abandoned.
We had an 音楽祭 (Music Fireside) at the church on Saturday and it was a lot of fun. I took a lot of video but all of the files are too big to send. Music really brings out the very, very best of everyone. It was a blast. It was the perfect way to spend a warm summer evening. The branch tried to load as many assignments on us as possible. They told me the night before that I had to 司会 (Master of Ceremony). They chided me for not being enthusiastic enough and wouldn`t let me speak unless I held the mic. Sheesh. They made Elder Singleton play the guitar and the two of us sing something in English. All of this with the promise that they`d bring about 20 non-member friends. Well, they didn't bring any nonmember friends, but it was fun to be with them nonetheless.
Priesthood and Relief Society was a combined meeting the next day and I was asked to give a ten minute presentation because the entire meeting was about missionary work. The Elder`s quorum president asked me to show a clip from one of the Preach My Gospel DVD`s about working with members. I showed a clip where the missionaries help prepare a member to invite one of her friends to a gospel discussion. I then discussed how members have the responsibility to share the gospel and their testimonies with their friends. Another older member (she reminds me a lot of Grandma Rhodes) said that she has plenty of opportunities to share the gospel in natural opportunities and that she looks for them.
These are children of God....this is instruction from a living prophet. The elect are here, the elect hear His voice. It doesn`t matter where they live, they`ll listen. God is no respecter of persons. I`ve seen members refer their friends and family that get baptized here.
While I`ve faced my share of disappointments and have at times felt insufficient through my mission, when I really evaluate my mission as a whole, I`ve never felt once like the Lord was upset with me. I need to have a more positive attitude and work everyday just as excited as I was the day I entered the MTC. That`s the challenge. The work, will move forward. I`m not worried about that. God already knows what I`m going to do, all I can give is my best...the only thing that will change is how much I participate in the work so I`ll just do what I know how to. :)
I find it really fascinating that I was interested about hearing about what kind of vegetables you are growing in the garden. Doing all of your own shopping and cooking makes you appreciate food so much more. I mean, I`ve never been picky, I`ll eat anything; now I get excited at the idea of free vegetables growing out of the ground. 
It was really funny hearing from mom that a fish died in her little pond each day. I`ve always wanted to have some kind of water feature in our yard. Did you put the fish in a flower pot? That`s really Japanese. I`ve seen big Koi in tupperware outside of people`s apartments.
Well I don`t know what else to write. Please, ask questions if you have them. I hope you have a great week.

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