Monday, May 14, 2012

May 14,2012

I guess we talked on the phone today so there`s not too much to say.
I feel like as the weather gets warmer, my body very volatily changes shape. My pants are all really loose. I bought a new pair of slacks and a new suit not too long ago. They were very Japanese and tight and stylish so I worried that they`d be too tight and possibly rip but now they`re loose. It`s really weird. My eating habits don`t change at all, but my weight does dramatically.
We had zone conference this week in Kobe. There are now sister missionaries bearing their final testimonies who came to the mission AFTER me. It`s very strange. This month`s training plan is all about focusing on our "One Message" (the Atonement) and how it applies to everything we teach. It`s a good focus and I feel like it`s been a good thing to study and learn and focus on this far in the month.
I think I sent a picture of this earlier. It`s a giant sunken ship playground that is at the always abandoned Seaside Park. It`s pretty big and impressive.

I think I wrote last week or two weeks ago or so about how we randomly ran into R 兄弟. We accidentally knocked on his door while we were housing this week too. He`s a great guy. It sounds like he`s been worked on a lot by the missionaries. He still has a very strong testimony, still reads his scriptures, still does all the right stuff except come to church. I`m not sure how much we`ll do with him, but it does seem like we`re just running into him again and again. He said he was playing some video game called Sky Rim when we came and said it`s really popular. I assume Randy and Jacob might know about it. He asked us to come back some time and read scriptures with him.
President Naganuma, the first counselor in the Kobe stake presidency visited the branch yesterday. He was in charge of the Outreach Program that we were put in charge of way back when I was in Kobe. We did it three times a week as an almost desperate reach to strengthen the young adults in the area and as a tool to make investigators comfortable in the church. It is completely canceled now, but I remember all of the huge sacrifices he made to keep that program running. He lives up in the Kita Rokko ward, on the other side of the mountain from Kobe, but he`d drive in almost every night we had it and bring some fresh pineapple or really expensive omiyage from somewhere in the country. He was the hardest person for me to understand in Japanese back then, I never said a word to him, just looked at him with probably a really puzzled face. It was really good to see him again, I could understand him and he said ロウ長老、久しぶり. I was shocked that he`s remembered me even though I was just a silent brand new missionary.
It was really fun to talk on the phone right now. I need to get more comfortable speaking Japanese in front of the both of you, it should be natural, but I was nervous for some reason. I know if I don`t speak it when I get home I will forget it and I`m not going to let that happen. The younger brothers also really, really, really need to learn. I know my pestering and nagging is probably obnoxious and you just shrug everytime I say it, but I am dead serious; you MUST learn this language. You will only know half of your potential as a human being until you do. You were born to speak this language. Please, please do it. Do everything in your power to learn it. You have a really good opportunity this summer and I will come home in Japanese-mode. If you want to talk to me, learn my language. :
The pictures in the email this week nearly threw me out of my chair from laughing. You would think those would get picked up by some popular website or something. How long does it take to draw those? Are people really not able to guess or are they just letting you draw to see what you come up with?
Hope everything is well at home. I`ll write next week!


  1. Your English is great and Japanese is same!

  2. There are some things I feel same way like you after reading your blog. I think you have a talent to write.

    See you next time. :D