Monday, May 21, 2012

May 21, 2012

We had district meeting as a zone and the zone leaders gave specialized-training. We do that every transfer. I don`t think I`ve ever seen a picture taken with a timer turn-out well on the first try and I find the misses oddly entertaining.

Congratulations on the job! Sounds like that will be a very interesting place to teach. I`ve always thought it would be fun to teach in that kind of an environment. There`s a few people on that have similar jobs that seem very happy. I don`t know where this train of thought is going. Anyway, sounds very exciting!
I got the package. Man, that`s really fast. Thank you for the toiletries.
There isn`t a ton to report on this end. We went to Tatsuno this week. It`s the far east end of our area and too far to go by bike. Out of the three cities in the area (Ako-50,000, Aioi-30,000) Tatsuno is the most populated with 80,000, but most of it is up in the mountains, so it basically feels exactly the same as Ako. I think we`ll stay in Aioi and Ako for now. The church moved to Ako from Aioi 7 years ago and most of the members live there. We will probably begin to spend more time there since we`ve explored every last corner of Ako.
The Relief Society asked us to come to a picnic at an archaelogical site on Saturday. These are old Yayoi dwellings. They built these on the location where some artifacts were found.

The little boy running around is probably the best behaved 5 year old on earth. I think I sent a picture of him playing ping pong earlier. He is the branch president`s grandson.

There`s a park behind Ako castle that has a swan pool and a rabbit cage and a bunch of sports facilities. It`s really nice. We go there every now and then and there`s this guy who`s always feeding the rabbits and talks to us. He`s also walked into the church right before Eikaiwa just to say hello to us. I think he`s got some mental disablities, but he`s pretty hilarious. We walked over to the pond the other day. There was nobody to talk to so we decided to take a break and sit down on some benches. We had the feeling that someone would show up while we were sitting there and sure enough the rabbit-feeding guy showed up on his bike, calling out to the swans at the top of his lungs. He speaks to them like they`re human and it`s hilarious. He talked to us about 20 minutes about how they just do "warui koto bakkkkkkkkkashi" (lot's of bad things). He`s impossible to understand him, 80% of it is mumbling under his breath with a few "honnnma ni" `s ("really") thrown in. Of course we invited him to church, and it sounds like he`s got the invite many times.
I had an exchange in Kakogawa with Elder Wong from Hawaii. The Wong is very, very, very distantly Chinese...he`s 99.9% Hawaiian and hysterical. He`s on his 2nd transfer. He`s just so...Hawaiian. His trainer and him get along really well. He has all the potential in the world with his personality. I couldn`t stop laughing the whole time.
I feel like this is really brief. I`m not sure what else to report. I`m doing well.
As far as the travel deal, I like the idea. It feels like the more correct and practical way to do it. At the same time, it also breaks my heart not being able to go back to Kagawa ken with one of you two. If you don`t come, please promise that we will go back some day. The look in the Suezawa`s eyes alone will be worth it. Stay in touch with them, please.
Where is the Clegg`s cabin? That sounds like a lot of fun. I haven`t seen them for a long, long time.
Oh, I got a letter from Daniel Gemperline this week. Can you get me their address so I can send off my reply?
I think that`s about it. Sounds like great things are happening over there. Have a great week!

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  1. I can't belive there are such houses in the blog in modern Japan! They are like ones in old Japan. Last week seemed good for you.