Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2, 2012

Mister Donut has ginger donuts now and they`re really good. They taste a lot like ginger-bread men. I guess that`s why they draw the face on them too. The other one is Strawberry Old Fashioned which is also new.
Sounds like everything is well at home. Things are pretty stable here as well. I`m not sure what to report on. If I didn`t bring my journal to email each week I`d be completely lost.
I think I told you about the T family that we visited a while ago. They`ve known the missionaries for four years, pretty much treat them like grandkids. We saw them again. They`re great people but I really don`t think they`re going to budge on the Gospel. They`re some of the kindest people I`ve ever met in my life though. If I asked for ANYTHING in their house, I`m sure they`d give it to me.
A lady at 英会話 (English class) this week tried to give me cash as a token of her gratitude and I had to turn her down. She wasn`t trying to show off or anything. She was being very sweet and sincere and said that she just wanted to repay the feeling. I felt so bad. She was really embarassed. I hate doing that. I`m not sure how to make it up to her.
This is my desk top. I wish I had taken a picture of the top of my desk in every apartment. It`s probably the single place where you spend the most time in one area, I`ve realized.
Earlier in the week my back was in killer pain. I think I`ve been carrying too much so I need to be careful. I was in pain for almost three days and had to lay down during the day a couple times.
We met with F san this week. He`s the one that was baptized into the Lutheran church really recently. He opened up to us really quick. It was refreshing. I haven`t had a loving missionary-investigator relationship for a while. That`s one thing I love about missionary work: listening. I could just sit and listen to people talk about how they feel and the things they`ve been through all day. He had everything going on for him until his mom got alzheimer`s. He had to go take care of her, couldn`t find a job near his mom and ended up getting divorced because of it. He started to lose his mind and then met the missionaries about 3 years ago. The missionaries helped him and loved him but when they transfered he became depressed. A song called "Winter Love" by a Korean singer BOA apparently then motivated him to keep living. He nearly started worshipping her (still LOVES her) but then found out she was Christian...put the dots together and went to the Lutheran church since he thought it would be embarassing to come back here. He said he found what he`s looking for at the Lutheran church but would like to just be connected to our church and meet every now and then. He didn`t really accept commitments...isn`t looking to change. We`ll see if he can start to grasp the Restoration and its necessity in the future. We don`t have another appointment with him at the moment though.
It`s sunny today, but was rainy all day Saturday and Sunday morning. Sunday (yesterday) afternoon was the hottest and most humid day so far. It poured rain all morning, then the sun came and brought the rain just barely up to eye level so it was a green house. It looked foggy. It was so gross.
This is a place called Sakoshi that we go to every now and then. It`s really nice.

I'm sorry that Sister Wirthlin had to come home for a while. I`m sure that`s really difficult. It`s hard to be away but to come home and then go back to the mission field a second time, I`m sure, would be very difficult. There`s one sister missionary here that did it. I know of a couple elders who had similar plans but never came back. Maybe as the ward mission leader there`s some way to set up some teaching appointments for her? So long as a member is with her. Or maybe she can sit in on some of the elder`s lessons?
Thank you for the video. I really enjoyed it. Everyone looks so different. Sam looks like Randy did when I left and I feel like Randy stole all of my clothes.
Keep Sam and Clint very grounded in that Japanese study. Work them.
There`s a giant Aka (symbol for the color Red, part of "Ako") on the mountain here. It`s hard to get a good picture of it.

I guess that`s all. Have a good week!

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