Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9, 2012

It`s still raining and raining and raining. This week was lots of being wet. It`s very sunny outside now and it was sunny all day yesterday. I`m wondering if maybe 梅雨 (The Rainy Season) is over.
 It rained really hard Friday and Saturday. This picture is Elder Schramm and Elder Wong walking in the rain. The umbrellas didn`t really help, the rain just bounces off of the ground and onto your clothes.

We went to Aioi and visited the member family who owns a restaurant again. She`d just gotten back from the hospital and now isn`t wearing a bandana because she now has some hair on her head. There was another member (who reminds me of Grandma Rhodes) there visiting with her to see how she was doing. They fed us dinner...they demanded. It was good. They`re amazing people.

I spent my second Fourth of July in Japan with Elder Schramm. This time we had triples at Baskin Robbins (everyone calls it サテイワン here). They are doing a special deal that you get a triple for the price of a double all month. I got a small and it still costed 400 yen.

Friday morning was district meeting. We went to Kakogawa and then we both stayed and did a companion exchange there. We got the new monthly training plan at district meeting. It`s about being faithful, trusting the Lord to do his work, not worrying too much, etc.
We had an exchange in Kakogawa this week. This is Elder Wong from Hawaii. He`s probably the funniest missionary I`ve met so far. He wanted to take a picture with the two of us.

We went to yakiniku afterwards since it was Elder Schramm`s last district meeting and he really wanted to go. Elder Vilchis, the zone leaders and I went back to the church for a baptismal interview. Right after the candidate had passed the interview and left the church it started raining. There were waves going across the roads. It rained for the rest of the day and once it got dark there was thunder and lightning that woke us up in the middle of the night a couple times because it was so bright and loud. On the exchange, Elder Vilchis and I didn`t really have any time to go finding, we were just getting things in order for their baptism. We went to their Dendo Shunin`s (Ward Mission Leader) house to put the shedule together. It was the second time I`ve met with him, he`s a great guy, very faithful member even though he has a really tough life.
We were the only two speakers in Sacrament meeting yesterday I thought it went pretty well.
I think I wrote last week about how an Eikaiwa student tried to give me money. She brought us this this week. It was huge.

Probably weighed more than her.

We`ve drunk just about all of the juice now. I love fruit juice in Japan. It actually tastes healthy in comparison to America`s liquid sugar.
This week wasn`t very eventful and we`re going to Himeji (ugh, I`ve been so many times) since it`s Elder Schramm`s last real preparation day and he wants to do something fun so I`ve got to hurry. Sorry if this is short.
This ferris wheel has been under construction the entire time I`ve been here, but they`re starting to take the scaffolding down.

This is a group of kids singing at a Tanabata Matsuri on Saturday night.

If you're reading this in email, click here to watch these videos.

Let me know if there`s anything else. Have a good week!

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