Monday, August 20, 2012

August 18, 2012

This is Elder Kawamura (APs Elder Boice and Elder Vail on the left, my companions Elder Bevan and Elder Shigeta on the right) who went home in April. He left for Snow College yesterday and came to Kobe to say hello on Tuesday I believe. Anyway, he looked good, seemed really happy. A few returned missionaries have visited since I've been here and it's really weird seeing them. It's like their celebrities. You can't take your eyes off of them and you want to remember everything they did and said.
Thanks to your reminder last week I went to McDonald's and had the Golden Masala. It was a chicken sandwich with three buns, chicken on the bottom, tomato on top (tomato is really sacred here because it's so expensive) and full on Indian curry inside. It was really, really good. (Click here to see what it looks like.) We caught it on its last day, now they're doing Aussie Deli.
I can't believe August is already half over.
The transfer is coming to an end. I don't know what's going to happen. The chances of me staying and leaving are pretty even. I'm just not thinking about it. With the transfer coming to an end though, we're staying pretty busy. We have zone conferences next week and have to prepare everything that everybody ordered. Plus, there's lots of transfer preparation that takes place. On top of all of that, we're moving another apartment in Sakai. We're going to stay really, really busy.
Here's the utitility van we drive in the office. The president drives a Toyota.

The mission home.

Two entrances to the office. The first is on the north end of the church...

... the second is on the south.Our apartment is hidden behind that staircase.
On Saturday for P-day, after I emailed we went to Hanshin Stadium in Nishinomiya and watched a first round game of the high school national championship. The underdog team from 山口県 (Yamaguchi Prefecture) came back 4-0 to win by one run in the bottom of the ninth inning. It was really cool.

(Note: If you're reading this in email, click here to watch this video clip.)
The zone leader's investigator from China got baptized on Saturday night. I've got to talk to him a few times at church and he's awesome. There are easily enough baptized Chinese people in Kobe to have a Chinese speaking branch. The zone leaders had a lesson two hours before the baptism so they filled up the font before then. When the meeting started and we all walked downstairs to the font, it had all drained. We watched a DVD in the chapel while it filled back up. I was impressed with how fast the bishop was. He said he actually loves when problems like that come up because he can think on his feet.
Taneda 兄弟 came to sacrament meeting. It's a miracle that he's walking around. He looked normal besides a couple shaved spots on his head from the surgery.
Signs directly north of the mission home that you can see from the road.

I spoke in the Kansai branch on Sunday. The Kansai Branch meets in the Kobe building; it's an English speaking branch for anyone in Kansai that wants to attend. There was only one other youth speaker so I ended up speaking for 30 minutes. It was difficult...I haven't given a talk in sacrament meeting in English for almost two years.
Yesterday we had a lesson with an investigator who is from China. We found him a while ago but he didn't show up to his first appointment. He just turned 20, is studying economics at Kobe University and probably has the best Japanese I've ever heard a Chinese person speak. His pronunciation is perfect. It's because he's been in love with Anime since he was a kid. Apparently, when he first got off of the airplane in Japan, he got proselyted by another Christian church (he doesn't know what it's called, he just calls it 無効の教会 ("The other church")), has been going there every Sunday since then and recently got baptized. He likes it, but says it feels mostly like school. He, like most other Chinese people I've taught, was absolutely blown away when he heard about the Restoration. He couldn't believe it, but said it would really be amazing if it were true.
The view from the top of an apartment complex we were housing a couple days ago. This city is really pretty.

We had another appointment right after him that didn't show up so we just talked to K兄弟 who is a recent convert here (Kawamura 長老 baptized him). He's really strong. I hope he stays strong and really helps the young people in the Kobe ward. There were so many of them before, not many of them are coming now.

There's a 夏祭り (festival) at the church tonight. That should be fun. Hopefully R兄弟 will come. I've been emailing him ever since Bowman 長老 came.

This is so つまらない (boring). I can't think of anything else. Sorry. Hope you all have a good week!

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