Monday, September 17, 2012

September 15, 2012

These pictures are from last preparation day:
Kobe Harbor

Well, I guess it's been a busy week. We've tried to really focus on the investigators we have. There's an 86 year old lady that the sisters nearly had baptized two transfers ago. We couldn't really get with her last transfer and we're still struggling this transfer. She comes to church every week. President Zinke talked to us this week and he thinks she should be baptized as soon as possible. She has difficulty remembering things, but she's converted in her heart. Hopefully I can get that done while I'm here. Time is just so short being in the office. We'll need the member's help.
After church on Sunday, the second counselor in the stake presidency took us back into the house that the church bought behind the mission office. Pretty soon, every bishop in the stake was there and suddenly, Aoyagi 長老 & 姉妹 (Area Presidency) were there. That was a big surprise. Last weekend was the Osaka Stake 40th anniversary so a lot of major leaders and general authorities were in town.
We moved an apartment on Wednesday. It was the Okayama sisters. They were in a particularly old apartment before, which was a big surprise. They were literally jumping up and down with excitement when they saw their new apartment. Elder Shinohara did a great job. He was nervous, but we were fine. The zone leaders in the next area came to help so I wasn't too particularly sore afterwards. It's fun working with various missionaries in opportunities like that.
Elder Shinohara and Elder Low driving to Okayama for the apartment move. Elder Shinohara is a new driver for the mission.
At a gas station
Move the sister's apartment with Zone Leaders Elder Lythgoe and Elder Pharis
Moving the sisters apartment. In attendance: Elder Lythgoe from Heber, Utah; Elder Pharis from Pearl City, Hawaii (half-Japanese); Sister Rivers from Nashville, Tennessee; and Sister Kubo from Sapporo (Matsukura 長老's home ward).
Having lunch after the move.

Conveyor belt sushi. Note the conveyor to the left. You pay based on how many empty plates are left at your table.

Looks like this missionary is going to have a large sushi bill.
All of the 1st and 2nd transfer missionaries and their trainers had a conference this week. That also had us running around like crazy. It's been a stressful week if you can't tell yet. I don't think my mind is properly functioning.
Seems like things are going well at home. That's very interesting that Grandma and Grandpa are having their 50th wedding anniversary event on my two year mark.
The Zinkes also had some friends from home come in last night. I've forgotten their names already, but when they saw my name on the transfer board they asked if I knew the Treus. Apparently he was their bishop when they were first married.
I don't know what else to write about. I know I have less than a month left. It doesn't feel like that at all. I feel like I was in "go-home-preparation-mode" a couple transfers ago but now I have no time to think about it.
I think I'll send a couple more pictures. Have a good week!

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