Monday, October 1, 2012

September 29, 2012

It's starting to settle in. But I don't really want to think about it.

I'm not really sure what to write about. It's been a busy week as always but I don't really know what of it would be interesting.

Nishio Akihito came by again the other night. He looks great. It's so weird meeting former companions who aren't missionaries anymore.

Sister O told us this week that she wants to try hard to get baptized as soon as possible but that there's lots of things that she needs to learn first. I don't know if it will happen. If it doesn't happen before the end of this transfer it will take at least until next year because she has to go to her country home in October. It really all depends on her and whether she's willing to make the decision or not.

There was a lot of running around getting a new apartment for the Senri elders this week. We were about to close on a room but had to confirm some things about it first. We went and looked at a really nice one and said that we wanted it, then they called us back and said that they were going to give us a different one that was exactly the same for a temporary discount. We thought that sounded great, but when we got back and told Sister Zinke about it, she wasn't digging it. We went and looked at the room, and sure enough, it was different. The floor hadn't been redone and was full of dents and scratches. We had to twist their arms a little bit, but in the end they gave us the original room we looked at. 篠原長老 (my companion) keeps saying that Sister Zinke got revelation. I think she did.

The church bought a big house behind the stake center so they can expand. There was a Korean food party in the giant house last Saturday. It was really fun.

A very interesting referral came through the office a couple days ago. The phone number was from America so I answered it in English and the voice on the other end spoke Japanese. This Japanese woman was living in America and had a referral in our mission she wanted to hand off. Two years ago she did translation for a Japanese tourist who was involved in a roll-over accident in Utah (I remember seeing that on the news) who is now paralyzed from the waist down. Her college-age son also died in the accident. Apparently this lady introduced her to the church website and the lady had interest. She asked that sister missionaries go and take her a DVD and a Book of Mormon. She then asked if Elder Cloward, by any chance was close. She said Elder Cloward lives close to her and is a family friend. Elder Cloward by the way....went to Davis High School. I then asked her if she lived in Kaysville to which she said yes. I asked her name: Tsukamoto Tomoko. Have you heard of her? I went to high school with her son Koji but had never met her. She was in shock. She was also shocked that there was a Japanese lady living in Farmington that she didn't know. She said she has lots of mutual friends of Saori-chan but hasn't met her before. I suppose I'll go say hi to her when I get home. Apparently Koji got back from the Fukuoka mission in January and is already married. Small world.

There are no sisters in the area where this referral lived so I got permission from President Zinke to send the ones in the next area over to her. I really felt for this woman reading her story. Both of the sisters are young Americans so I planned out their route of travel, where to get on the train, bus, etc. I hope they made it. I haven't had time to follow up with them yet.

Those pictures are great. I wish I could've been there. Wendy's girls are gorgeous.

I don't have any time. We're going to Kyoto now. Kind of the last thing I want to see before I leave.

A couple things:

I sent home a package and my "Wreck this Journal" this week. Don't open the journal, but do take a picture of it. I hope it gets there. Should I send anything to Machida? Like, one of my suitcases? I don't know, any input? I figured it's just a good little luggage base if I need it. Probably not necessary but I figured it's an opportunity.

I might be back later in the day, maybe not. I guess I'll write you next week too. Have a good one!

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