Thursday, February 21, 2013


平日に朝の10時から午後の一時まで仕事をして、2時に授業があるのでキャンパスで早く昼ごはんを食べなくてはいけないです。今日学校にあるSubwayでサンドイッチを頼んで、"what kind of sauce?" (どんなソースをかけますか?)と聞かれたら「マヨネーズで」と言ってしまいました。カタカナなのにさすがに全く通じなかった。アメリカに帰ってきてから、こんな間違いは初めてです。ものすごく恥ずかしかったけど、Subway の人の反応顔がすばらしい思い出となりました。

それから毎週木曜日の17時にも授業はありますが、今日完全に授業を忘れて、4時50分に帰ろうとしたらある友達と出会いました。この人は伝道に出る前、一年生の時からの友達で、Panda Express という中華料理のお店が大好きな人です。「めちゃPandaに行きたい」と彼女が言ったら、Panda Express は私の帰り道にあるから一緒に行くように進めました。やっぱり、行く途中授業のことを思い出しました。その瞬間に急いで授業に行こうとしたら間に合えたかもしれないけど、そのときにこの人と時間を過ごす方が楽しいですし、授業よりこの時間は二人の利益になると思って、友達に何も言わないで、お店に歩いていきつづけました。店に着いて、友達が一口を食べると「あーー!It's the little things.」(うまく翻訳できないので、是非英語を話せる友達に聞いてください。学びあいましょう!)と言いました。それを聞いて、こんな簡単な楽しいことをして、人と思い出を作ることは天にある宝(マタイ6:20や第三ニーファイ13:20)なんだなぁと思った。


English translation:
On weekdays I work from 10 to 1 and have class at 2 so I have to eat pretty fast on campus between 1 and 2. Today at Subway in the Cougar-Eat, I was asked what kind of sauce I wanted on my sandwich to which I replied "ma-yo-ne-zu", the Japanese pronunciation of mayonaise. I have no idea why it came out that way. This is the first time I've made a mistake like this. Of course, the employee was baffled and didn't understand what I had just said. It was embarassing to say the least, but his puzzled face made my day.

Later in the day I ran into an old friend who said she was craving Panda Express. This was a friend from my freshman year who I believe I went to Panda Express several times after a class we had together. I proposed that we go since it was on my way home and I got drive her home afterwards. I ran into this friend around 4:50 and realized as we were walking that I had class at 5. We were on our way and there was a moment where I could've turned around and gotten to class on time, but I honestly couldn't even muster the least bit of motivation to do so. I honestly felt like this was more important than class, as silly as that may sound. We got to Panda and as she took her first bite she said "ah, it's the little things." That made it all worth it. It's THOSE little moments that are "treasures in heaven" (Matthew 6:20).

Today was a good day. Here's to another tomorrow.

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