Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July 10, 2012

A year ago today:

"During the lesson he talked about how he 「人と長く付き合えない」(can't have lasting relationships with people) and how that's the source of his psychological issues. That really sent an arrow through my heart. I think I had, actually still, very much have that problem. I can't let go. My dad sent me a picture of *names withheld* , gag. But beside the point, it really made me miss my life before the mission and nearly put me into mourning thinking about how things simply won't be the same when I get back. I can't deny that it makes me sad. I know that if I let Christ be my friend, I'll always be guided to the people I need to be around, I just really am sad that there have to be goodbyes. Enough. Head up, move forward. There are many many angels that have brought me this far and it's too late to turn back and chase them now. I just pray that they won't fade away." 

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