Monday, October 21, 2013

I am legitimately terrified.

So THIS just happened.

I'm in the library right now. Should be studying, was of course checking Facebook and saw this being shared by several people:

I'm just sitting here with this book open:

And I laughed because I figured the answer would be something about the changes in political and social structure between the Nara and Meiji Era. Well, instead, I opened to page 45, and (really, you guys, I'm scared) this happened:

"He vowed to her that she should be his love in this and in all future lives, and she answered so passionately that she seemed utterly transformed from the listless creature he had known, and it was hard to believe that such vows were no novelty to her."


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

ôkwərd - "causing or feeling embarrassment or inconvenience"

Dear Universe,

Why must there be multiple routes to a single destination? I suppose this can be become philosophical and we could get into agency and destiny, and yada yada. I'm talking I want to get into a specific room in a specific five story building. Do you not realize that when I have to walk there with somebody else, the route they normally take is DIFFERENT FROM MINE?!  We then have to have this painful silent communication of "oh you go that way? I usually go this way...I think my way is faster...but I'm fine with your way...I'm fine with you taking the lead in our class project...but I like my doesn't matter, after all we're going to the same place...right?" all whilst side-stepping and juking like it's our job. Guh.

Dear Facebook Event,

So I don't post anything on Facebook anymore. Now the only people who really monitor (or at least make their presence known) my Facebook profile are over 40 and that for some reason translates to frightened turtle behavior for me. Anyway, as far as events, I'm super OCD and have to clean out any red (notifications, messages, event invites) when I log in or else I...I just have to. So typically when I get invited to an event, I'm not sure if I'm attending. I'm usually not particularly inclined to attend, nor am I against attending, but I am definitely against replying "maybe" and looking indecisive or superior. So usually I just hit the x and remove myself from the event without replying. And then I forget about it all together and don't attend. But sometimes not judge me...want to remain amongst the invited people even if I know I'm not planning on attending. I guess this is just the 14 year old in me BEGGING to be accepted. See what you do to me Facebook? I guess you also help me stay connected to people I probably wouldn't ever see in the flesh half-way around the world so I can't live without you but....guh.