Thursday, December 26, 2013

Best of Vine 2013

So since my last blog post about Vine seemed to be very well received, I decided I'd share some of my favorites from this year. Know that this was extremely difficult and were I to try this on another day, it would probably look completely different. If you ever happen to feel like you could use more of this six second goodness in your life, you can sit down with me any time and I'll have hundreds more to show you. That's an open invitation. In any case, enjoy!

Best Public Humiliation Vine:

Original Poster: Nash Grier
It's the best when people react kindly.

Best Sing-a-Long Vine:

Original poster: Daz_Black
This song will never be the same.

Best Mean Girls Vine:

Original Poster: Zane and Heath
How people come up with this stuff...

Best Miley Cyrus Vine:

Original Poster: Aaron Sanders
Miley Cyrus has easily been the most ridiculed celebrity on Vine for her nude wrecking ball riding, on-stage marijuana smoking, twerking, and midget slapping antics this year. This early one however, is my favorite. Remember how Miley wanted to be a be a bird in the Can't Be Tamed days? This viner helped that dream come true for her.

Best Dog Vine:

Original Poster: Jamie Naylor

Best Inexplicably Funny Vine:

Original Poster: Isiah Willliams
I don't even know what any of the Kardashians sound like, yet this makes me laugh every time. Literally

Best Interactive Vine:

Original Poster: Brittlestar
Do as he says.

Best Vine That Created Lingo:

Original Poster: KingBach
I'm sure somebody will try to tell me that this wasn't the beginning of this usage of "tho" but I am positive that the frequency of its usage multiplied exponentially after this vine was posted.

Best Fail Vine:

Original Poster: Mattieu Serour
This was a really hard choice, but in the end I suppose this one makes me laugh the hardest. There are HUNDREDS more where this came from.

Best "Don't Drop That Thun Thun Thun" Vine:

Original Poster: Haley Hollister
This song became a sleeper hit in the summer, largely in part of the thousands and thousands of vines of users dropping "that thun thun thun." This one trumped them all.

Best Indoor Prank Vine:

Original Poster: WildJoshy
Her eyes tho...

Best Beyoncé Vine:

Original Poster: Landon Moss
Beyoncé is probably the second most ridiculed celebrity on Vine after Miley Cyrus. This was another difficult one to pick. Viners Simone Shepherd and Skye Townsend do spot on impersonations of her, but this one was admittedly the most clever.

Best Puppetry Vine:

Original Poster: Awkward Puppets
This is just another example of how golden six second comedic timing is.

Best Voice-Over Vine:

Original Poster: BWONNA
Again, how do people come up with this stuff?

Best Racial Stereotype Vine:

Original Poster: Simone Shepherd
Vine is loaded with racial stereotype promoting material. Some is offensive, a lot is baseless, and a good amount of it, like this one, is harmless fun. So long as we all have a sense of humor.

Best Vine I Want to Try:

Original Poster: Michael LoPriore
Because, why not?

Best Thrift Shop Vine:

Original Poster: Richy Dimov
Variations on this measure of this song are all over Vine, but this one with JLaw rules them all.

Best Jordan Burt Vine:

Original Poster: Jordan Burt
If you read my last Vine post, you know Jordan Burt is my favorite viner. He went on hiatus for a little while but came back stronger than ever right at the end of the year.

Best Wardrobe Malfunction Vine:

Original Poster: OneThousandandOut
They couldn't have paid someone for a better reaction.

Best T-Rex Vine:

Original Poster: Kc James
Because Kc James is always fantastic.

The Next Best Voice-Over Vine:

Original Poster: AllliCattt
Because I just had to include this one.

Here's a pretty good compilation that was done back in August:

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