Friday, May 23, 2014


I went on an adventure.

 I've been trying to find things to do since I have so much free time and it'd be a waste to spend all day inside when I'm in the world's biggest city. Since I've been to essentially all of the touristy locations, I've started to look off the beaten track. I discovered Shimokitazawa. It's a little area just west of central Tokyo that is buzzing and thriving among young people as of late.

It's hipster heaven. The streets are too narrow for automobiles, so everyone is walking. The community has fought hard to keep it from being overdeveloped. It is populated mostly by vintage clothing and thrift stores, foreign cuisine, cafes, and underground theaters and music venues. Everything reeks of nature and starving artists; and I love it.

The Darwin Room: a slightly eerie, but mostly delightful taxidermy store/exhibit/cafe.

I'll come back and eat here for sure.

Underground Theatre where lots of Japanese movie stars got their start. 

I just love making discoveries like this. I'll be coming back to dine in a hammock, play with bunnies, and see indie theatre. So excited.