Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Conversation with a Target Cashier

I went to Target at 11:30 PM last night.  This happened.

Cashier: Hey boss, how you doin tonight? Where are YOU (the family before me had Thai heritage) from?

Me: I'm from Farmington, Utah

C: No, no. I'm talking about your family background. Your heritage. Your culture. That stuff. What's that?

Me: ....well, my mom is from Japan....

C: Japan! See, I knew your weren't from around here. You've got some color in you.

Me: No, I'm from Utah I....

C: So you're half-Japanese and half-American.

Me: Yeah. So where are you from?

C: Oh, I'm from here. I'm just American.

Me: You're Native American?

C: No, I'm just full American, not half.

Me: So you're saying that because you're more white than me, you're more American than me?

C: ...your total is $13.47

And then my card wouldn't read and he had to enter it manually and the people behind me were really uncomfortable.

And then I went to McDonald's because I'm American.