Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Conversation with a Target Cashier

I went to Target at 11:30 PM last night.  This happened.

Cashier: Hey boss, how you doin tonight? Where are YOU (the family before me had Thai heritage) from?

Me: I'm from Farmington, Utah

C: No, no. I'm talking about your family background. Your heritage. Your culture. That stuff. What's that?

Me: ....well, my mom is from Japan....

C: Japan! See, I knew your weren't from around here. You've got some color in you.

Me: No, I'm from Utah I....

C: So you're half-Japanese and half-American.

Me: Yeah. So where are you from?

C: Oh, I'm from here. I'm just American.

Me: You're Native American?

C: No, I'm just full American, not half.

Me: So you're saying that because you're more white than me, you're more American than me?

C: ...your total is $13.47

And then my card wouldn't read and he had to enter it manually and the people behind me were really uncomfortable.

And then I went to McDonald's because I'm American. 

AND THEN. I needed to get into the right lane and the car to my right was going the exact same speed even though I was signaling. I eventually had to slam on my breaks and get right behind the car in order to pull into McDonald's. And the tedious car pulled into McDonald's as well. The driver stuck their hand out the window and pointed to the right of their car and parked to the right. I assumed they were signaling to the car behind me and ignored it. Then when I rolled down my window at the drive-thru the driver of the other car shouted "ARE YOU GONNA HIT THIS OR WHAT?!" So I either made them mad, or unintentionally committed some cruising signal for sexual favors. I'll never know which. It was an eventful night.